Over Ons

Als je meer wilt weten over hoe Coolenator tot stand is gekomen, dan zit je op de juiste plek! Lees meer over het avondtuur tot de huidige Coolenator! 

Ons Verhaal

Inspired by the torture of having to drink warm beer on a sailing boat, Edward’s mission was to solve this age-old problem. Three years and zes Coolenator models later, we now have a wide range of Coolenators to make the drinking experience a whole lot better! At Coolenator, we make sure your last sip is always colder than the first.

Our products bring together practicality and clever designs, combined with the opportunity to design your own creation to fit into your mood-board life. We believe in transparency about our products, constant innovation, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy! Fun, efficient and inspired by a delicious cold drink, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope to make all your drinking experiences extra special and, of course, cold.


At Coolenator, we are constantly trying to improve on our original idea in order to bring you superior cooling products. With innovation in mind, we developed a new product which will ensure your drinks stay as cold as possible for as long as possible: the Coolenator Pro, a step up from our classic design. With a removable, interchangeable freezer bullet, you can keep your drink ice-cold around the clock!