ICE COLD BEER, until the very last sip!

The Beer Cooler That Works

When it comes to buying the perfect gifts for beer lovers in your life, you are going to want to impress with the most unique gifts for beer lovers. Coolenator makes it easy for beer enthusiasts to bring along any type of beer and be ensured that they can enjoy it to the fullest. Simply keep the Coolenator in your freezer and it is always ready to use to cool and enjoy your drink. Wondering about gifts for craft beer lovers? Want to make them as hoppy as can be! Ensure that every last sip of their unique craft beer can be cherished.


Coolenator's are completely reusable, environmentally friendly and recyclable! A huge step forward from single-use plastic ice bags or heavy, leaking ice buckets that waste water.

Keeps on Cooling

The classic coolers have integrated freezer elements. The freezing power is enclosed in our 100% insulated cooling made of hardened Styrofoam and slowly released through the aluminium cup directly into your drink to keep it extra cold!

No Condensation

Because the cooling element is completely internal, your drink can stay perfectly chilled without dilution or condensation, so that your table stays dry while your drink stays pure and ice cold.​

Make it a gift!

Buying the beer cooler as a gift? Add a can or bottle of their favourite beer to the cooler for a ready made gift! Click below to see more of our ready made gifts!

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Personalised Beer Gift

A gift for beer lovers can be quite tricky. Of course a collection of their favourite craft beers is a great gift. But gifting a cooler is giving the gift of cold beer. They will never have to run back to the fridge to grab a colder can of beer! Recharge the coolers in the freezer they will keep on cooling for endless ice cold beverages. It’s like a brand new way to drink beer again!

Personalised Gifts for Him

Want to put the biggest smile on his face? A gift that has extra effort put into it will not be forgotten. Personalise your cooler as a unique gift for him in a few easy steps. Add his favourite drink or personalised glass to the cooler for a Fathers day or a unique Birthday gift.

What size beer gifts do you have?

From the classic coolers we have 4 size coolers. Depending on what personal touch you would like to give for your beer lovers gift. The mini and beer cooler work well for cans and smaller bottles. Want to surprise that Pint drinker in your life. The Pint Cooler is a perfect match for a pint glass or pint bottle. Combine the Champagne cooler with an XL beer bottle for a beer gift to remember.