Best Outdoor Places in Amsterdam

Coolenator is proudly designed in Amsterdam and inspired by the wild nightlife of one of Europe’s best party destinations! As summer approaches, check out our list of the top five best outdoor places in Amsterdam to bring your favourite drinks cooler this summer:


No summer list would be complete without Vondelpark, one of the most famous parks in the entire country! About 10 million visitors flock to the park every year to take advantage of its spacious grassy areas, perfect for a picnic, or its popular running/biking/roller skating paths. Free concerts at its Open Lucht Theatre are a seasonal treat every summer, and you can also take advantage of the numerous food and drink stands scattered throughout the park. None of these locations are kind enough to offer an efficient drink cooler, though, so whether you are grabbing a cola from a hotdog stand or raiding the supermarket to create the perfect picnic basket, bring a Coolenator along this year!


Located in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West area, Sloterplas is one of Amsterdam’s largest parks, with room for every kind of summer activity imaginable! The park is named after the central lake, but also includes a disc golf course, a petting zoo, fitness equipment, and even one of the largest swimming pools in the country! If you get bored of hanging out in the shade or along the shore of the lake, you can always take advantage of the 5.8 kilometre running route, or the numerous barbecue grills located throughout the park. Be sure to bring a Coolenator along so you don’t have to run to the store or all the way home every time you want an ice-cold drink!

Amsterdamse Bos

Three times larger than New York’s Central Park, the Amsterdamse Bos is one of the city’s most popular outdoor destinations! Over six million annual visitors enjoy a walk through the forest, camp in the on-site cabins, or visit the Fun Forest climbing park, so it is definitely one of the premier summer destinations for tourists and residents alike! So grab a Coolenator today, and bring it along as you walk on any one of the dozens of walking paths, enjoy a show at the outdoor Bostheater, or eat some pancakes and pet goats at the forest’s famous Boerderij Meerzicht!

Zaanse Schans

It may not be packed with people like Vondelpark, but the Zaanse Schans gets extra points for being a unique piece of Dutch history, located to the northwest of Amsterdam. The Zaanse Schans is a residential area with historical fixtures of the 18th and 19th centuries, such as old-fashioned houses, mills, barns, bakeries, and clog shops. For all the people looking to cut costs, admission is free, so you can walk through a slice of Dutch history for free this summer! Bring your own drinks (and, of course, a Coolenator) to save extra, and be sure to admire the windmills this year!


With over 700 different animal species, the Amsterdam Royal Zoo, or ARTIS, is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, and one of the perfect places to bring a Coolenator! Whether you prefer penguins, giraffes, zebras, or otters, there is something for everyone! Visit the butterfly pavilion or Micropia, a museum devoted to microbes, but don’t forget your Coolenator or you’ll have to suffer through warm drinks this summer!

Honorable mentions to this list include Sarphatipark, Oosterpark, Beatrixpark, and Rembrandtpark, all of which are sure to be popular destinations this summer! Wherever you go, bring a Coolenator or two so warm drinks don’t dampen your spirits as you make the most of the amazing weather!