Can Cooler Gift

A can cooler gift with an extra wow factor is going to be much appreciated by drink lovers. Introducing the best cup to keep drinks cold, Coolenator! Whether it’s enjoying an ice cold beer after work, a crisp white wine on the beach or waking up with the best water bottle to keep drinks cold next to your bed. Coolenator provides stress-free ice cold drinking experiences solving the issue of how to keep drins cold without ice. We make sure you can keep every special moment cool!

Personalized Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a Coolenator as a gift for alcohol lovers. With no condensation on the outside and up to 10 hours of active cooling this unique gift is like any other on the market. A practical can cooler gift for drink lovers that keeps drinks cold all day will be useful in everyday life. Trust us when we say they are going to appreciate this gift a lot after experiencing the arctic chill.

Personalise Coolenators with a photo of a beloved cat, dog or parrot for great gifts for animal lovers. You will make their day gifting a household item that they will adore and appreciate for years to come. Combine a Coolenator with a jug of homemade sangria for that ultimate wow factor. Bonus! You get to drink it with them while celebrating their unique gift and capturing that special moment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Coolenator keep on cooling?

The amount of cooling hours can range from 3 to 10 hours depending on the size of the Coolenator. For best results the Coolenator or the freezer bullet needs approximately 8 hours to freeze with a standard freezer at -18 degrees, though time may vary mildly by freezer. With a deep freeze temperature of -30C, the cooling power will be longer.

What sizes of Coolenator are available?

We have 4 sizes of classic Coolenators where the entire unit must be kept in the freezer.

  • Beer Coolenator; fits standard 12oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses for drinks like wine, mixers or soft drinks.
  • Beer Xl Coolenator; fits standard 12 oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses. Cooling on average an hour longer than the mini coolentor.
  • Pint Coolenator; A perfect fit for a straight pint glass. Standard thin bottles of wine, large beer bottles and cans.
  • Champagne Coolenator; Any bottle up to 10cm width. Fit’s up to the size of a moet & chandon champagne bottle. All 1 Liter beer bottles and straight carafes/jugs.

The Coolenator PRO is available in a one-size-fits-all unit suitable for all drink holders. 

Coolenator PRO; fits any bottle up to the standard champagne bottle size with a width of 9.5cm/3.7inch

How does the PRO work?

For best results, the Freezer Bullet needs approximately 8 hours to freeze with a standard freezer at -18 degrees, though time may vary mildly by freezer. The Bullet can then be placed in the Coolenator PRO by removing the polystyrene foam disc at the bottom of the unit. Replace the disc and the aluminium holder in the Coolenator will immediately begin cooling and is ready for immediate use! The Bullet continues to emit its chill for up to six hours and can be replaced without inconvenience.

How does the Coolenator PRO work?

Our latest product, the Coolenator PRO, exceeds all expectations of a bottle cooler by minimising freezer space and maximising portability and efficiency! The PRO is made out of Piocelan, an extra-hardened, lightweight foam, and makes use of an active cooling interior element. The cooling element is removable and measures only 5cm by 9cm, allowing you to store only the element in the freezer. You can even buy a few of these inserted Freezer Bullets and change them out to maintain optimal chill and keep your drinks cold all day long!

How do the Original Coolenators work?

The Coolenator’s innovative internal cooling element is super insulated, making sure no cold can escape. The whole unit must be kept in the freezer. The styrofoam exterior in combination with the aluminium housing ensures that your drink stays cold, but your table stays dry! The outside is finished with a sleeve which, with normal use of the product, protects against damage and makes cleaning simple.

What type of Coolenator are there?

We have two different types of Coolenators at this time for all your cooling needs: the original Coolenator model, where the entire unit goes in the freezer. For those with limited freezer space, we recommend our coolenator PRO, with a compact removable freezer bullet.

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