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Why Coolenator's Champagne Cooler?

Coolenator’s will never water down your drink or leave unsightly rings on your table! Because the cooling element is completely internal, your drink can stay perfectly chilled without dilution or condensation, so your table can stay dry while your drink remains pure and ice cold. Don’t let the second half of your bottle of champagne go to waste! Coolenator ensures that your last sip will always be colder than the first. The best gifts for champagne lovers is to be one step ahead of their bubbly drinking experience. Gift a Champagne Coolenator that will ensure that all the sparkly bottles to come will be cooled to perfection for non-stop ice cold champers. Coolenators are truly a match made in heaven! 

the new way to drink champagne


The original Champagne has an integrated cooling unit that can last up to six hours of cooling. Simply store the Coolenator in the freezer and take it out whenever you need it!


The Pro has a removable freezer bullet that lasts up to eight hours. Removable Freezer Bullets in the Pro model are interchangeable for endless hours of cooling! Simply store a few in the freezer at one time and switch out the Bullet whenever you need!  


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Enjoying a nice glass of bubbly to Cheers into the weekend is enough to make anyone bubble with excitement. Coolenators are easy to use and great for any occasion. The best gift ideas for champagne lovers. Every year we try to one up ourselves with gift giving trying to find the most unique gadget or stocking stuffers for champagne lovers. With Coolenator you will be the talk of the gift givers this year with the newest coolest champagne lovers gift. 

Poppin’ that bottle is a sensation that champagne lovers can’t get enough of! Help your champagne lovers drink in style! Champagne lovers will know you are taking them seriously with the thought put into this gift! So you can rest easy and watch them enjoy an ice-cold glass of bubbly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Champagne Coolers are there?

We have two different types of Coolenators at this time for all your cooling needs: the original Coolenator model, where the entire unit goes in the freezer. For those with limited freezer space, we recommend our coolenator PRO, with a compact removable freezer bullet.

Which bottles fit into the Champagne Coolenator or Pro Coolenator?

The Champagne Coolenator and the Pro Coolenator have the same interior size for bottles.  All bottles with a maximum width of 10cm / 3,9inches. It's a perfect fit for most standard Champagne bottles, (sparkling) wine bottles and small carafe's.

How long does the Champagne cooler stay cold?

The Champagne Coolenator will stay cold for up to 6 hours.  The amount of cooling can vary depending on freezer strength and time. For best results the Coolenator or the freezer bullet needs approximately 8 hours to freeze with a standard freezer at -18 degrees. With a deep freeze temperature of -30C, the cooling power will be much longer.

Which Coolenator size's are available?

Classic Coolenator - 4 sizes.

  • Beer Coolenator; fits standard 12oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses for drinks like wine, mixers or soft drinks.
  • Beer Xl Coolenator; fits standard 12 oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses. Cooling on average an hour longer than the mini coolentor.
  • Pint Coolenator; A perfect fit for a straight pint glass. Standard thin bottles of wine, large beer bottles and cans.
  • Champagne Coolenator; Any bottle up to 10cm width. Fit’s up to the size of a moet & chandon champagne bottle. All 1 Liter beer bottles and straight carafes/jugs.


Pro Coolenator - 1 size

  • Coolenator PRO; fits any bottle up to the standard champagne bottle size with a width of 9.5cm/3.7inch. 

How does the Coolenator Pro work?

The Coolenator Pro works with a removable freezer bullet. You keep this freezer bullet in the freezer. For best results, the Freezer Bullet needs approximately 8 hours to freeze with a standard freezer at -18 degrees, though time may vary mildly by freezer. The freezer bullet can then be placed in the Coolenator PRO by removing the polystyrene foam disc at the bottom of the unit. The Cooler is immediately ready for use! The Bullet continues to emit it's chill for up to six hours and can be replaced endlessly.

How does the Champagne Coolenator work?

The whole unit must be kept in the freezer. The styrofoam exterior in combination with the aluminium housing ensures that your drink stays cold, but your table stays dry! The outside is finished with a sleeve which, with normal use of the product, protects against damage and makes cleaning simple.

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