How to pick the perfect champagne gift?

The perfect champagne gift for a perfect celebration!

Champagne is everywhere. Whether it’s a big celebration like weddings, major parties, graduation, a big high class corporate event, or a sad occasion like a funeral or a heartbreak. It is either served before a meal or used to give a toast to many. This bottle of fizzy white delicacy is enjoyed by many across the world due to its glorious taste and luxurious presence.  

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What exactly are champagnes and how are they made?

Champagnes are a type of wine that contain sparkles and fizz like any other fizzy drink. However, what makes them unique is the process by which it is made which gives it its taste and highly acclaimed popularity. It is made through the following process:

1. Harvest

The very first step in this process starts off with the picking up of perfect grapes by hand and selecting the ripest ones. It is then carefully pressed, and the juice is extracted.

2. The very first fermentation and assembly

The extracted juice is then placed in a temperature controlled tank which then makes sure to separate the natural sugars from the juice so that all that’s left is the pure delicacy of the original grapes. Once that is done, the juice is then blended together with the white wine and reserve wines so that a base is made for the champagne. Products like chardonnay and booze are mixed in together.

3. The second fermentation

Once the first fermentation is done, more products like yeast, sugar and nutrients are added and placed in thick bottles and sealed with a cap. These bottles are then stored away in cool temperatures such as a cellar and left to ferment slowly. This process produces alcohol and carbon dioxide in the mixture. It is because of the carbon dioxide, that you get the fizz in the wine.

4. Aging, Riddling , and Disgorging

Once the fermentation process completes, the champagne continues to age over the years in cool temperatures. This develops more flavor. The more the champagne is aged, the better the taste, and more expensive it is. Once the aging process is complete, the yeast cells are now removed through the riddling process by placing the bottle upside down at a 75 degree angle and turning it every day by 1/8th. The makes the dead yeast cells to collect at the neck of the bottle which is then removed through the disgorging process.

5. Dosage

Once the aging, riddling, and disgorging is done, the champagne is then mixed with sugar and brandy and a level of sweetness is adjusted. This makes up the large variety of champagne based on booze and sweetness.

6. Packaging

When all the above steps are done, the champagne bottle is then packaged and corked up to prevent any high pressure of the carbon dioxide from leaking out. Hence preserving its taste and deliciousness.

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What foods perfectly match with champagne

Champagnes work well with any type of food. But the most notable ones are entrees like oysters, fish, caviar, steak, chicken, citrus, white truffle, and many more. Champagnes are mostly served cold with warm food and with the help of coolenator, you can ensure that your champagne remains cool and maintains the perfect temperature for your taste.

Champagne as the perfect gift

Choosing the perfect gift can be tricky at times considering there are a number of things to choose from. But what you can never go wrong with is the gift of champagne. It works everywhere and makes it special for every occasion. But the real question here comes how to select the perfect champagne as the perfect gift. There are four main things to look at.

1. How vintage the champagne is

This category is to check which year the grapes were harvested and how long has the wine aged. The best wine is the one which has aged the most since it greatly has an impact on its taste and smell.

2. Taste

No good champagne can be determined without having tasted it before. Hence, checking the sweetness or dryness of the champagne is essential as some people like it sweet while others like it less sweet. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for.

3. Size of the bottle

Size does matter when gifting champagne to someone. If you are going for a smaller bottle, then make sure it tastes exquisite. If there are a large number of people as attendee, then go for a big jumbo sized bottle. Otherwise, standard one works too.

4. Personality of the recipient

The personality of the recipient is extremely important as sometimes, the packaging may seem aesthetically pleasing but the quality may not be inline with the person’s tastes. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are gifting the perfect bottle to the right person.

Moving Forward  

Champagnes are considered as a luxury but when it comes to taste, it exceeds all expectations. It is versatile and with the help of the fast progressing food industry, it can reach to many heights as before.

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