Top Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

Best Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers

Christmas Gifts for wine lovers? The holiday season is just around the corner! The time to start thinking of the best present ideas for wine lovers. Picking out the perfect gift can be overwhelming as there are a lot of things to consider. Are they a wine or a beer lover? Do they love the latest gadgets for wine lovers? Are homemade ugly Christmas sweaters their favorite thing to wear? Through out this article I will be going through the latest trends, ideas and inspirations to find the perfect present. If you are looking for more unique business gift ideas for the holidays I would also recommend checking out  Best Uniqiue Client Gift Ideas

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

Pouring the last drops from your bottle of wine is just the beginning with his garden kit! After giving the wine bottle a wash, fill the bottle with water, plug the neck with one of the three hydroponic ‘’smart soil’’ capsules, drop in the herb seeds and leave it in a good place to absorb the sunlight. These easy steps will result into beautiful, automatic leaves in no time! This is the perfect gift to be sustainable and creative at the same time while decorating your house.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Instead of keeping your wine or beer cold, this mug keeps your coffee hot. This smart mug maintains the temperature of your hot drink for up to an hour and a half per charge. With the intuitive Ember app it allows you to control the perfect temperature for you coffee, tea, espresso and more. Through the Ember website you can browse through a range of various mugs and colours, they even have a specialized mug for traveling and on the go!

A Fancy Wine Decanter

Decanters are a must have gift for every wine lover out there. Pouring a glass of wine from a beautifully designed Wine Decanter opens up the aromas and flavors while smoothing those harsh tannins. Besides the fact that it will looks very stylish in anyone’s home, it is a great personal gift to enhance the experience of opening and pouring a bottle of red wine. Wine decanters come in multiple shapes and sizes making it accessible to pick the perfect one for the wine lover.

Personalised Wine Cooler

This inventive bottle cooler is high on the list of recommended gifts! Receiving great reviews for a cooler that actually works. A new item everyone for sure needs to add to their household. This wine cooler exists out of two parts, the bullet that you charge in the freezer and the strong and sleek metal body with super insulation. Combining these two keeps your drink cold for up to 8 hours! Add a personal touch by having the option to customize your own Coolenator by adding a personal message, photo or choosing from a template. This personalization will be printed around the wine cooler creating a unique gift for every cold drink lover! The Coolenator is great for dinner party’s. No more walking back and forth to the fridge to have cold wine this Christmas!  Coolenator ensures you will enjoy hours of cold drinks.

Royale Mix Traditional Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set

Do your friends or family enjoy making cocktails and learning authentic cocktail recipes? Then the Royale Mix Traditional Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set has all the essential bar tools you need! Within this set you will find things such as ice tongs, double-sided jigger, shaker, bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer and a corkscrew. Not only does do you have all the tools to create you delicious cocktails, but you also receive a deck of 25 cocktail recipes so you can make your favourite drinks. This is also a great gift if they are a beginner and want to advance in their bartending skills without hassle and have fun!

Porto Vino Concealed Wine Purse

How many times have you arrived at a party with a good bottle of wine, as you turn your back for a moment it’s disappeared before you could have a glass yourself? If that sounds familiar then this is a best gift for wine lovers, a concealed wine purse to keep your secret wine stash in.  The key to a being a successful guest is to bring an extra bottle of wine for the house and keeping your own in your concealed wine purse! Not only is this purse super practical but also gives you great style with it’s vegan leather, fashionable and natural look. On the side of the purse you will find a discreet pour spout on the side of the purse for your refills that is spill-resistant! Porto Vino offers a various range of different bags that are adaptable to the style of the wine lover.

Personalised Wine Gifts & Bottles

Who doesn’t love a customised gift? This is one of the best Christmas gifts for wine lovers who have a soft spot for personalised presents. Add a special touch to the festivities with a personalised custom label wine bottles as decorative pieces at special gatherings. You can choose from their wide selections of bubbly and non-alcohol cider to suit your preference. There is a wide range of options to customise your gift such as custom engraved monogram wine glasses, engraved wood wine box and template designs to upload your personal photo’s to!

Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit

Friends who like to drink a glass of wine after a long day will most likely love to create their own bottle. The wine creation is a simple and natural process consisting of a couple of steps. This kit includes all the the equipment and instructions to make one gallon (approx. Five 750ml bottles) of of crisp, dry Italian Pinot Grigio with delicious fruit flavors and a delicate floral fragrance. This Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit is great  for someone who is new to wine making and loves drinking it!




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