6 Cute Valentines Day ideas

Cute Valentines Day ideas ? Love is in the air and call us Cupid because we have lined up of the perfect valentine gift for her and for him. Great valentine gifts that will surprise your other half or secret admirer and put a big smile on their face for the start of 2022!  Our valentines day gift guide shows the romantic classics, some unique surprise gift and the ultimate valentine day gift for your wife. We guarantee you will have so many ideas, you might even want to get two!

Although we don’t need one specific day like February 14th to show our loved ones that we are thinking of them it does help as a gentle reminder to enjoy a special moment together. A valentine gift does not need to be extravagant but a token of thoughtfulness and appreciation of your love. While browsing through the gifts think about what makes him or her swoon with heart eyes. Spent all you budget? Check out these cheap Valentine’s Day gifts.

Now let’s get started with our top picks for Valentines day gifts. Starting of with the most classic gifts then the budget friendly gifts, unique gifts and if you are looking for go all out we will give you some options for some action gifts!

Classic Valentine's Gifts

Newly dating, a traditional romantic or just unsure of what to get him or her. These classic gift picks will not dissapoint!

1. Flowers

We think that flowers should be an all-year-round kind of gift. The rose became the flower of choice for valentine’s day as it represented love in all its forms and was apparently the favourite flower of the Goddess of Love, Venus. Don’t be limited by the classic bunch of flowers though. Think dried flowers or even really nice fake ones. These will last longer and are totally in style right now! During the shitty Covid 19 period we can imagine that your loved one is in an other country. We have a solution, Fleurop is a great platform to send flowers everywhere! add a personal card to it and he / she will love it!! 

2. Chocolate

It’s not a secret that love goes through the stomach. Chocolate is limitless! Coming in different sizes, flavours, shapes. Custom choose your type of chocolate to match your loved one.  A romantic box of chocolates, a large chocolate display or a set of hot chocolate flavours. 

3. Champagne

Champagne is one of the safest options! I you are looking for a last minute gift then a bottle of champagne will do the trick. Combine it with a romantic hotel or rose petals and a home cooked meal. The effort and class will give you many bonus points! Want to combine a bottle of champagne into a hamper. Add on some champagne glasses or a personalised Champagne cooler

Cheap Valentine's Gifts

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show someone you love them!

1. Whiskey Stones

Want to enhance your partners drinking experience gift them some whiskey stones. You store them in the freezer and they keep your drink nice and cold without diluting it. Better yet think ahead and freeze them before you and your lover have a date. This way you can gift them and they can be enjoyed straight away. Depending on the budget you have you could add a bottle of their favorite whiskey.

2. DIY Wine Tasting

What could be better than a fun wine tasting to celebrate Valentines day? In addition to drinking wine and bubbly you can add as much as you want for your budget. Keep it simple with a few wines. Google the bottles beforehand if you really want to make an impression! Add a cheese board or chocolates, sit back and enjoy your lovely evening.



3. Spa Date

Set a scene for some quality time with candles, music and a gift voucher for a night of pampering. Give each other massages, have a laugh and put on face masks together. Whatever is your way of feeling pampered. A thoughtful gift of relaxation. Run a bath some incense, pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy!

Valentines Gift with a personal touch?

Personalise a wine cooler with a photo of your favourite memory together!​

Unique Valentine's Gifts

Want to surprise your loved one with a new and unique gift. We chosen a few gadget gifts that have just come on the market. Be the first to give one of these unique gifts.

1. A Coolenator Wine Cooler

A great gift for wine lovers is one of these new wine coolers. Coolenators have a removable freezer bullet and keep bottles cold for up to 8 hours. Coming in a range of colours. A pastel colour range, flower power prints and metallic look. What could possibly be better than a wine gift that gives limitless amounts of cooling to enjoy endless cold bottles of wine. Personalise it with a photo of a special moment together.

Coolenator wine cooler Pastel pink design

Want to keep yourself or your partners busy these immersive, story driven games will ensure a fun night of creative and unique games. It’s like an escape room.



For your partner who has some green fingers and already has a hundred plants. This way they can grow something that is pretty useful and delicious. Grow these mushroom out of coffee beans.



Marble Onyx

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Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.
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