Black Friday Sale - Receive a free MINI COOLER with every order

Black Friday Sale - Receive a free MINI COOLER with every order

Explanation Design Tools

Design Choosing

At the top left, you will find the design button. There you can choose from the different designs. Note: When you switch between designs, any modifications will be lost.


Under the second button you will find backgrounds that you can use in the designs

Icons and shapes

Here you will find icons and illustrations in various categories that you can add to your design.


If you want to upload a file from the computer, choose the computer button. You will then get a popup to select the file from your computer. Do you have a photo on your mobile that you want to upload? Then choose the phone button.


You can search pixabay's free stock photo database here. So if you're looking for a picture of a lion, type lion and hit enter.


You can connect to your Facebook account to use photos from your account in the design


You can connect to your Instagram account to use photos from your account in the design


This option leads you to this current page. If you have any questions that have not yet been answered, please let us know!

The bar at the top has functions for formatting. In this section you will find from left to right:

  • QR code creation and placement
  • Show grid
  • Undo - 1 Step back (left arrow)
  • Again - 1 step forward (arrow to the right)
  • Add new text to the design
  • Add drawing or shapes to design
  • you get a submenu where you can choose between: draw, line, rectangle or circle
  • Paste. Once you have copied some the icon to paste appears here

Once you have chosen elements from the design you get the edit menu for colors, cut, paste, text functions etc.
From left to right, the following functions are available:

  • Adjusting color
  • Cut
  • Remove element
  • Duplicate
  • Copy styles
  • Align items
  • Low
  • Line thickness
  • Transparency
  • Transform (rotate and skew)
  • Editing text
  • Bold (thick text)
  • Italic (slanted text)
  • Underline
  • Align paragraph
  • Text size
  • Text bending
  • Line spacing
  • Customize font

Finalize and View your design

After creating your design, you can review it and check it one more time. You then see what it will look like on the Coolenator. You can then confirm the design. This cannot be modified in the design tool after that. If something does need to be changed because something didn't go right, you can just let us know as soon as possible via

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