8 Drink Trends of 2021

Drink trends 2021? How everything going in the world at the moment it’s no surprise that everyone is getting on the health train. The beverage industry has had a rollercoaster journey over the past year. There have been positives that have come out of all the hardship the industry has endured. Spurring on exciting innovations and unique offerings! Getting very creative with take-aways drinks and canned cocktails to new health drinks that give you a kick. Let’s see what 2021 is going to have in store and how it’s going to rise above the insanity of 2020.

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1. To-Go Cocktails

A trend that flourished during the pandemic has been alcohol to go cocktails. We think that it might not just be a pandemic fad. For many restaurants and bars it was a way to keep the sales flowing, being a lifesaver for many struggling places. In the Netherlands a combination of walking routes and take-away cocktails became increasingly popular. Starting with a Winter Gluh Wein walk to summer sangria routes. Great for social distancing and supporting every place you buy you on the go cocktail from. 

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2. Seltzers - Spiked Water Trend

You have probably seen them around. Flavoured water with a low alcohol percentage. This health-focused beverage is carbonated, alcoholic and flavoured water with no gluten, low in calories and very social media-friendly has become very popular! 

3. Carbon-negative 

With more and more people becoming aware that the future of the world is in our hands today people are wanting to minimize their carbon footprint. Helping the earth with your drink choices has never felt so good. Many places are giving options for carbon-negative options on the cocktail menus. Opting for sustainable brands and local products. The booze industry can make a huge difference if consumers change their drink buying behavior. Sustainable drink accessories are becoming increasingly popular, check out these sustainable wine coolers! Brewdog has actually come out with a line of new beers all carbon negative! It was “designed to introduce its members to a diverse range of beer styles and breweries, promising super-fresh beer shipped directly to the customer”, said BrewDog.

4. Sugar Free Drinks

Joining the better for you trend is the sugar-free drinks. The health importance of reducing sugar has been a well known issue for many years. Nothing like a pandemic to highlight this trend even more! Sugar is the cause of many damaging health conditions. No wonder people are on the lookout for a tasty sugar free drink! 

5. Nootropics Cocktails

With everything that has been going on the past year it’s no surprise that people have been trying to pay extra attention to their mental health. After many of us drinking our entire booze collection at home, it’s time to mix it up with a natural not so boozy buzz. For the people who haven’t heard of Nootropics, they are natural or synthetic substances that can be taken to boost brain performance in healthy people. Gaining more popularity the past years, used most often to boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

The not-so-fun part is always when the hangover kicks in the next day. Something that’s healthy, tastes good and gives you a wee little buzz. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well we have a new type of cocktail for you made with kin euphorics. It’s a blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and botanics. This alcohol alternative claims to help you achieve blissed-out feels without sacrificing brain cells or performance the days after. Because we all know hangovers do not last just 1 day the older you get. Check out this company who is offering this new cocktail and see if you can ditch the boozy cocktails in the future.

6. Boxed Wine

Boxed wine has made a comeback. Goodbye are the days of below average tasting wine out of a box. The quality has increased drastically, with delicious wine-in-boxes now on the shelf. You can’t deny the convenience of boxed wine! Add to that it’s affordability, why would you not! It allows home workers to enjoy a glass of wine after work without opening a whole bottle. Enjoy fever trips to the shops and the box staying fresh for up to six weeks after opening it. 

7. Premium Pours

We used to take for granted being able to go out for dinner, pop down the pub or dance till we dropped. After being denied this for so long doing any of these now adventurous things is seen as more of an outing than ever. Therefore a trend we are seeing post lockdown is that the consumer is willing to pay more for a better-quality serve. Wanting to add something extra to their drink and choosing to make the experience as memorable as possible! Artisanal and independent brands are being preferred. It can be compared to the roaring 20’s. After the great depression people were wanting to let loose, enjoy and spend!! 

8. Eco-Friendly Wine Coolers

If you want to be eco-friendly and cost, the Coolenator is the way to go! Bags of ice are heavy, drippy, and always come in disposable, one-use plastic bags which are often dropped or blown away adding to the pollution. Coolenators are reusable for years and are completely condensation-free on their exterior, eliminating unsightly rings on your tables or dangerous slippery puddles! Coolenators can also be recharged, unlike ice. These coolers are definitely one for the future with all the cool benefits they have. 



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