6 Drink Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Drink trends 2022 ? We have survived yet another year of absolute madness, and we have done it well. 2021 in all its glory has brought us a few new trends across the board that we should look out for. Many of these trends are led by Millennials and Gen-Zs looking for healthier and more sustainable options, and we are OBSESSED with these trends! Organic wines, canned wines, non-alcohol drinks, and CBD drinks are going to explode onto the scene in 2022. Are you ready?

Opening can of soda

1. Wines in a Can

The world was asking for single-serving wines, and the wineries are delivering. It has become clear that the younger generations are not as invested in bottles of wines as their parents. There are many reasons why single-serving drinks are more in demand than ever before. Not only are these better alternatives for those who are health-conscious, but they are easier to use and carry in social situations. We all know the struggles of carrying and pouring wine, especially in situations that aren’t based around a dinner table (like camping).
So, 2022 will see a major trend in wines in a can, which are wildly popular with youngsters looking to enjoy wine at festivals, at the beach, or for those who don’t want to open an entire bottle for themselves.

wine on the table with snacks

2. The rise of Organic and Vegan Wine

The idea of “vegan” and “organic” is making its way from our groceries stores and into our bottle shops. Not only are more consumers becoming conscious of what they eat, but also of what they drink. As the vegan trend continues to grow, more individuals become aware that not all wines are vegan. And they are becoming equally conscious of how the grapes are grown before the wine is made. So watch out for more wineries moving toward these types of wine in 2022.

non alcoholic drinks

3. Sober-Curiosity

There is a growing trend around those who are “sober-curious,” aka “mindful drinkers.” As consumers stay aware of their health, more people are expected to steer clear of alcohol altogether. The trend of health-consciousness means that more people acknowledge that alcohol doesn’t fit into their lifestyle and goals. What we’ll see in 2022 is a massive boom in non-alcohol versions of all your favorite drinks. You’ve probably noticed this already as more non-alcohol gins, cocktails, wines, and beers are appearing all around us.

cbd infused drink

4. CBD-Infused Drinks

Remember when CBD was making its way into all our body products? CBD night creams, CBD hand cream, and CBD body wash? Well, the trend hasn’t stopped there. In the past, a few companies dabbled in the idea of CBD-infused drinks, but it was a slow start. As more consumers are opening up to the idea of CBD-infused products, don’t be surprised if you’re able to buy CBD-infused wine, sparkling water, sodas, and ciders. Since CBD has been linked to so many health benefits, you can expect this trend to grow massively in 2022. As we’ve mentioned, health trends are on the rise, and this is an exciting one that is going to take the industry by storm.

Man holding grapes

5. Sustainable Drinking

Consumers are becoming more conscious of everything they do and what impact that has on the planet. Other than reducing single-use packaging and eating more consciously, there is a clear trend in overall sustainability. This means that more consumers are calling out companies who aren’t conscious about how they make, transport, or distribute their products. Watch out for 2022, as more companies will create sustainable options to keep up with the demand and growing trends. You’ll start to notice more sustainable packaging, carbon-neutral transport, recycling campaigns, sustainable farming, and water-efficient production methods. The more they’re doing for the planet, the better their chances of us buying their products in 2022.

6. State-of-the-art Coolers

In line with the sustainable movement, consumers are finding alternatives in every avenue to ensure they move toward a more sustainable lifestyle. A great example of this is the Coolenator wine coolers, which use state-of-the-art technology to give consumers everything they need, while having minimal impact on the environment. Apart from the fact that the coolers are significantly more sustainable, eliminating single-use plastic options, the coolers are highly effective in keeping things cool. Gone are the days of warm drink-in-hand. These coolers are super insulated and keep your drink cold for hours. Best of all, they can be used over and over again. Sustainability and efficiency have never looked this good.

We don’t know about you, but we are ecstatic about the new trends. What trend are you looking forward to the most in 2022?

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