Making special moments cooler

Enjoy to the fullest with Coolenator


coolenator champagne cooler


With the current world situation we are happy that certain festival’s can still happen. With the most reoccurring rule that everyone must be seated. With a Coolenator on the table for the wine, bubbly or even water your guests will be able enjoy their cold drinks by the bottle to the fullest. 

wine cooler


The ice bucket is the original bottle cooler and remains the most common method of drink cooling. Despite it’s popular usage, the ice bucket comes with a heap of downsides. For one thing, they are always heavy, due to the ice or ice water. Similarly, they will almost always leak or drip, and condensation is present regardless of insulation. They are also wasteful and single-use, forcing you to dump the room-temperature water and purchase another bag of expensive ice. Business overs may dislike these as well, because soaking in the water removes labels, reducing product visibility.  Learn more on how Coolenator eliminates these problems.

eco friendly cooler


Unlike most drink chillers, Coolenator is completely reusable, eco-friendly, and recyclable! Coolenators are a huge environmental step up from wasteful, single-use bags of ice or heavy, leaky ice buckets. Every unit is built to last, with quality components made from sustainable materials that should keep your drinks ice-cold for years to come! Even when the unit breaks down, after thousands of chilled beverages and every individual part is recyclable so that the earth can stay as cool as your drink!