What type of Coolenator are there?

We have two different Coolenators at this time for all your cooling needs: our original Coolenator model, where the entire unit goes in the freezer, and for those with limited freezer space, we recommend our Coolenator PRO, which has a removable Freezer Bullet.

How does the Coolenator work?

Our newest model, the Coolenator Pro, makes use of an innovative Freezer Bullet, allowing you to utilise a Coolenator without taking up valuable real estate in your freezer! Whereas the classic Coolenator is stored entirely in the freezer, the much smaller Freezer Bullets are removable and interchangeable using a panel in the bottom of the unit. This means that, with a few Bullets on hand, you can keep your drink cooled for days on end!

What sizes of Coolenator are available?

We have several sizes of classic Coolenators to make sure all your drinks stay cold, from beers and ciders to wine and champagne bottles! Our smallest model is the Mini Coolenator, which comfortably fits a can or bottle, as well as our XL Beer Coolenator, with a little extra space for those larger drinks. Looking to share a bottle of wine, or perhaps a pint of beer? Our Pint Coolenator is perfect for the occasion. Finally, if you need a cooling device to store your larger bottles of Champagne or spirits, we have you covered! Our Champagne Coolenator is our largest available model at this time, and should comfortably fit even the largest bottles of champagne so your festivities remain cool this year! At this time, the Coolenator PRO is available in a one-size-fits-all unit suitable for all drink holders.

How long does the Coolenator need to charge in the freezer?

We recommend leaving the Coolenator in the freezer when not in use. In a standard -20C freezer, it takes 6 to 8 hours for a fully charged Coolenator.

Is it possible to charge the Coolenator quickly?

Yes! You can charge them in about 30 minutes with dry ice. This is a great option for large events and beach clubs, or any event when you need a quick cool!

How long does the Coolenator keep on cooling?

Coolenators will keep cooling for 4 to 6 hours at a room temperature of around 20C and a freezing charge temperature of -18C. With a deep freeze temperature of -30C, the cooling power will be longer.

How do I clean the Coolenator?

Coolenators are immediately reusable, and need only a quick clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Dish washer use is not advised in order to maintain the life span of the unit.

What is the lifespan of a Coolenator?

With normal care, a Coolenator will last for years.

Is it possible to order a personalised Coolenator?

Yes! Personalised Coolenators can be ordered via our website. Our built-in tool makes it easy to order a Coolenator with Instagram photos of you friends, or your favourite travel photo from Facebook. You can even include text to make sure the gift is personalised to perfection! See all of our Coolenator options on our website under coolers.

Is there any condensation on the Coolenator?

The Coolenator is insulated so well that the outside stays 100% dry. The cold transfers through the interior aluminium cup and stays on the inside, ensuring your hands are dry, but your drink is ice cold!