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Unique Gifts Beer Lovers Won't Be Able To Resist

Looking for gifts for beer lovers, the ones who know and love everything about beer? Sure a fresh four-pack (or two!) is an easy please. But what if you could make all those future four-pack’s taste even better! Making sure that they will be able to enjoy every last sip of their beer. Let beer geeks enjoy the ultimate arctic beer experience. Coolenator’s beer geek gifts are a great way to add to the beer gadget collection. With a range of different beer coolers and gift packages there is going to be one that fits the occasion perfectly as gifts for craft beer lovers. A beer gift package is a great combo present that any beer lover is going to enjoy!

Beer has been around for a long time. Helping people express themselves, giving them Dutch courage and making for some of the funniest moments on nights out. Beer has brought many people together. Got nothing to talk about well, beer will help with that. How about all the quality time we spend together while drinking beers.  Whether you’re drinking it or talking about it. We have learnt to express ourselves through beer talk and show appreciation for each other by buying each other a pint in the pub or a special beer gift.  elsewhere. 

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How To Choose The Right Beer?

Look Local

A locally brewed beer is a definite way to impress and gain appreciation among beer enthusiasts. Supporting your local community along with creative young local breweries makes for a great story behind the beer. 

Make it a fun activity!

Choosing a beer gift can be turned into a very fun experience. As a beer lover it would be your job to taste and test different beers to find out which one would be best suited in your gift package. (We volunteer to help you!) Of course you do need to remember which beers were the winners! Check out our other articles on how to set up your own beer tasting event!

Seasonal Beers

Seasonal beers are a fun way to capture the essence of a season in a bottle. Think of summer sour, pumpkin fall and blood orange for spring beers. Most of them last just the season but some brands make them staple flavors in their collection. A limited edition season beer will therefore be appreciated knowing they might not be able to get it again elsewhere. 

Match Your Gift To Their Beer Style!

Mix It Up With Craft Beer

Chances are you have been to the pub and noticed what your beer geek friends have been drinking. If not, keep this in mind the next time you head out for a pint. The safe option when choosing a beer gift is to go with one you know they like drinking. Add in a few alter ego beers to mix it up and surprise them. You never know you might get them hooked on a craft beer they had no idea they liked!

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Choose To Go Big

Large beer bottles are great gifts for beer geeks! Large Coolenator’s are a perfect fit for 650ml beer bottles. Personalise one with your favorite memory or beer logo, pop in a bottle, wrap it up and you are ready to go with a unique gift! Check out all the larger Coolenator here for big bottles and carafes. Beer lovers fantasize about a beverage that stays forever-chilled. Higher than normal temperature can have a bad effect on a beer’s flavour! I’m sure we have all experienced that at some point. The heat itself doesn’t actually create a bad taste in itself. The process of oxidation speeds up when the temperature of beer rises. Oxidation causes some beers to develop a stale flavour. Another not so hoppy thing is that a beer’s hoppiness will slowly dissipate in hot conditions. Missing all those delicious citrus, piney and hoppy aromas. That’s not what we are looking for when we sit down to enjoy our expensive craft beer! That is why Coolenator's are the best gifts for craft beer lovers!

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Gift Unlimited Chilling

Luckily Coolenator is here to save the day. No need to stand outside in the snow to drink cold beer. Your beer friends will be forever grateful you spotted this cool gadget. Coolenator keeps it icy-cold, no matter how hot the party gets. Beer Coolenator’s keep things cold for hours! Opt for the newest Coolenator PRO with a removable freezer bullet for non-stop cooling. Coolenator makes cold dreams come true and beer geeks can keep their drink cold for hours. With no strings attached, this cooler is easy to use and practical. 

Be Authentic

This beer gift is too tempting for anyone who knows the struggle of keeping drinks cold at parties and outdoor sittings. Finding a practical gift item for beer lovers is a tricky task. Do you ever wish there was a universal gift item for beer lovers, an item that can be a customized gift for your loved one? Well, Coolenator is a practical and portable drink cooler that can keep any bottle of beer cold for hours. This season’s coolest accessory for beer lovers. What makes these incredibly versatile gifts great is that you can give them for any occasion to anyone who likes beer!

Get Personal

Cheers to you if you want to go the extra mile and make your beer gift extra personal. Personalized items take the gift game to a whole new level. Making an effort with a personalized gift shows your thoughtfulness and love towards someone. Whether you want to treat yourself or want to surprise someone with a customized gift item.  This amazing gift item is getting all the hype for a reason. It’s your turn to join the beer geeks club. Enhance your beer drinking experience today with Coolenator. Gifting a coolenator is one of the best gifts for beer lovers as you are fixing the age old problem of beer getting warm! You will never have to run back to the fridge to grab a colder can of beer! Coolenator will keep on cooling for endless ice cold beverages. It’s like a brand new way to drink beer again!

Coolenator’s unique gifts for beer lovers are not only one of a kind but make your home bar stand out with eye-catching designs that you can design yourself with our easy personalization tool for your own personalized gift. Combine this with their favorite beer, craft beer or pint glass to make them feel like the coolest beer drinker out there. Check out our Home Bar page!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cool gift for beer lovers?

A beer lover surely deserves a gift as unique as them! A gift that makes their drinking experience more enjoyable! The only hard part is choosing which Coolenator is best suited for their drink!

What can I put in a beer gift basket?

Beer gift baskets can be as fun and creative as you would like them to be. Many baskets contain a selection of craft beer bottles, tasty salt snacks or personalised beer glasses to drink those delicious beers from. The newest edition for beer baskets is to add a gift that will add a personal touch as well as keep them ice cold. Coolenator has a personalised beer cooler that will keep your drink cold for up to 4 hours. Choose a sleeve design to fit your beer gift basket and make it complete!

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