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Why you need a Home Bar in your life!

Because there has never been a better time to drink at home.

Dancing, drinking, laughing! It’s been a long time since we have been able to enjoy this in our favorite bar. Oh how we miss it!! What if we told you that you could have the next best thing from the comfort of your own home. Get ready for your new favorite bar to be the one at home.

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Creating a home bar is a rewarding project where you can express yourself and create intimate and memorable experiences for yourself and your guests. Learn and experiment as a bartender in the comforts of your own home! If you already have a home bar and are looking to spice it up check out our home bar accessories!


Setting up your home bar doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. The best part of it being YOUR BAR is that you can make it as extravagant as you wish. Start small and slowly add to your collection. No one is telling you how to run your home bar and no one ever will, you have the ultimate freedom. 

If you have had more experience drinking cocktails than making them we recommend you start off with a few basics and concentrate on the things you like to use most. Most people don’t need that many tools. As your experience grows so will the addiction to all the very cool accessories. Check out our guide on some beginners cocktails.


Having your own bar enables you to be as creative as can be! Want to mix an expensive bourbon with tequila, pineapple juice and why not add some mint? You can do it all, no judgement from that bartender in your own Home Bar! You might make something new and have an explosion of delicious tastes!

Custom-made home bar accessories are a great way to show off your individuality! Have a signature cocktail you always make! Or adapt your home bar to a theme. Think of Hawaiian night with Pina Coladas, Harry Potter themed with magical smoky cocktails or a murder mystery cocktail party. Your guests will be lining up at the door to come to your home bar knowing you will always show them a good time! 

Nowadays you can personalize almost anything to your liking. Remember it’s your residence bar and you can add different ideas and designs to your own taste. Ever thought of a personalised champagne cooler? We have!! Find out more below on how you can upload your own design to go on any Coolenator.


Hosting friends in your Home Bar can come with a few challenges. One of the biggest ones is how to keep drinks cold without ice. Unless you live in a very cold country and can simply put all your wine and beers outside, it is likely that freezer space is limited. Big bags of ice use precious freezer space and bulky coolers take up the entire place leaving no room left to showcase your bartending skills. 

Do you want to keep the drinks cold while friends are busy catching up? Let Coolenator do the magic with no stress cooling throughout the party.

Coolenator for home/outdoor bar is a perfectly designed cooling unit that looks amazing in every bar arrangement. Coolenator is not just about aesthetics but practicality too. The compact design of the Coolenator’s freezer bullet takes up minimum freezer space and actively cools for up to eight hours. Zero condensation on the outside keeps your bar clean without making any mess or wet circles on your table. 

Keep it sustainable 

Bartenders all over the world are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious. Without even realizing it a home bar can have a lot of waste. Things like disposable straws, serviettes, coasters, water and energy. All these things add up. Make your Home Bar more sustainable and reduce the waste footprint with just a few simple changes. 


Plastic straws are small and light and cause major problems for the wildlife and the environment alike. There are great alternatives out there like metal straws, recyclable paper straws, bamboo and silicone. 

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Multi-Purpose Garnish

Everyone loves a pretty garnish to finish off your delicious home-made cocktail. Repurpose and reinvent your garnish by thinking outside the box. Did you just use fresh pineapple for your pina coladas? Use the pineapple instead of a glass. Same thing works for coconuts and melons. Looks great and adds a bit of flair. A sure way to impress.

Green fingers

Start growing your garnishes yourself! Many classic cocktail elements contain herbs that are easy to grow without taking up too much space. Planning on making a few jugs of mojito for your upcoming party? Your home grown mint will make them extra tasty! Reduce waste by dehydrating all your leftover ingredients. This increases the shelf-life and looks pretty darn good!


Save water and energy

Bags of ice are heavy, drippy and always come in disposable, one-use plastic bags which are often found everywhere but the rubbish. Coolenator’s are reusable for years. Made of recyclable and super insulating material allows Coolenator to offer sustainable cooling for hours without any additional energy source. No need for ice machines that use a lot of power. Coolenator’s freezer bullets cost on average 1 cent to charge in your freezer. Low maintenance and sustainable, what more could you ask for.


We all know someone who has their own Home Bar, at least I hope you do! Being prepared and well-stocked is an important aspect of being a good host. That is why bar gifts are one of the best gifts to give. Whether it’s for a housewarming party, father’s day or the grand opening of your friend’s Home Bar. A gift that adds to a home bar is always going to be welcome. The first thing people think of is their favorite bottle of booze (although you do need plenty of this). Giving a gift that will last and not end up in the glass bin will be a lot more memorable. Coolenator’s personalised wine coolers are a unique gift that are sure to be a mainstay of your Home Bar.


Once your home bar is stocked up and decorated to your liking, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a drink. Invite over friends and family for some company. You might even convince them to make you a drink so you can marvel at all the work you have put into your home bar. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essentials for a Home Bar?

Get a number of spirits that will allow you to have a good base. Think of the basics; Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Tequila. These are the base of many cocktails and will allow you to create some of the most classic cocktails. Soda water, coke and a few juices are good essential mixers. Get a cocktail shaker to mix the drinks. Shaking up the cocktails in front of your guests is a sure way to impress.

What is a Home Bar?

A home bar is a place in your house/apartment where you can enjoy mixing drinks, friends and family’s company while recreating the feeling of being in a bar. There is no right or wrong as it is your personal home bar. It can be a designated area in your house or apartment, or just part of your kitchen counter. 

How to set up a Home Bar?

The best part of it being your bar is that you can make it as extravagant as you wish. Start small and slowly add to your collection. Begin with some basic tools, spirits and mixers.