Black Friday Sale - Receive a free MINI COOLER with every order

Black Friday Sale - Receive a free MINI COOLER with every order

Make yourself unforgettable

Upgrade your service
met de Coolenator wijnkoeler!

Improve your guests experience, generate more sales and make your service more sustainable. All in one?

The Coolenators are each unique and printed individually. Make an impression and have your logo printed on the wine cooler for a truly professional look. Or give your guests an impressive experience and match the Coolenator to your interior. 


More Profit

It is well known that cold drinks become faster than warm ones, look at all beer brands with their ice steps. Save costs on ice and improve the experience of your customers.​​

Work Smarter - Not Harder

The Coolenator has a removable freezer bullet that stays cool for up to 8 hours. Work faster by having the bottles already chilled on the table before service. Personalize it to the style of your company.​


Save on Costs

By using the Coolenator you save a lot of lugging heavy ice buckets filled with ice cubes and wet circles on the table are a thing of the past. Charging a freezer bullet in the freezer only costs a few cents compared to a few dollars per bag of ice.​

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