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Generate More Sales

Giveaways can be a great sales-booster, getting your product out into the world and making an impact among impressionable customers. There are dozens of benefits of a giveaway, in particular boosting brand awareness, product visibility, and customer goodwill.

Be More Efficient

A company is nothing without it’s employees. Thank them beyond paying their salary. Go the extra mile by customizing them with company colors, a logo, or a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation.

Save On Costs

Improve the way you serve drinks at your hotel, restaurant or board room. With Coolenator we help you save costs, be more efficient and become more sustainable! Learn more on what we can offer your business today!

coolenator champagne cooler


With the current world situation we are happy that certain festival’s can still happen. With the most reoccurring rule that everyone must be seated. With a Coolenator on the table for the wine, bubbly or even water your guests will be able enjoy their cold drinks by the bottle to the fullest. 

wine cooler


The ice bucket is the original bottle cooler and remains the most common method of drink cooling. Despite it’s popular usage, the ice bucket comes with a heap of downsides. For one thing, they are always heavy, due to the ice or ice water. Similarly, they will almost always leak or drip, and condensation is present regardless of insulation. They are also wasteful and single-use, forcing you to dump the room-temperature water and purchase another bag of expensive ice. Business overs may dislike these as well, because soaking in the water removes labels, reducing product visibility.  Learn more on how Coolenator eliminates these problems.

eco friendly cooler


Unlike most drink chillers, Coolenator is completely reusable, eco-friendly, and recyclable! Coolenators are a huge environmental step up from wasteful, single-use bags of ice or heavy, leaky ice buckets. Every unit is built to last, with quality components made from sustainable materials that should keep your drinks ice-cold for years to come! Even when the unit breaks down, after thousands of chilled beverages and every individual part is recyclable so that the earth can stay as cool as your drink!

Coolenator Benefits
For Restaurants, Hotel, Catering

Hospitality entrepreneurs are always looking for new innovations to serve their guests even better and to improve the experience for their guests so that they come back and share their positive experience with friends and family and on social media. Innovative products must always meet a number of conditions, especially with critical catering entrepreneurs. 

1. Improving Your Guest's Experience

Because the Coolenator Pro takes up little space, it can be placed on even the smallest restaurant or cafe table. The guest then has a cold wine that drinks away refreshingly quickly, besides this the guest will also have contact with the brand he is drinking. By personalizing the Coolenator with your own design, it fits well with your house style and your guests will see your logo during their pleasant stay.

2. Generate More Sales

It is now well known that cold drinks are drunk faster than warm ones, just look at all beer brands with their ice taps. With the Coolenator Pro you can do very well selling decanters with wine from Bag in Box, this saves on your purchase price and you have less waste costs (click here for the best bag in box wine deals). Homemade lemonades reserved in a liter carafe can look fantastic with a little decoration when the first one is served on the terrace, everyone wants to order one. These lemonade carafes are huge profit grabbers. (click here for recipes and tasty syrups)

Cocktails served in a carafe are perfect for sharing and will brighten up your patio. You can of course also upselling your homemade lemonades to add some rum or vodka. We shared some delicious jug recipes here.

3. Saving On Wages And Direct Costs

Door de Coolenator Pro te gebruiken bespaar je veel gesjouw met zware ijsemmers gevuld met ijsblokjes en doordat de Coolenator gewoon op het dienblad past hoeft het personeel niet extra heen en weer te lopen. De kosten zijn maar €0.01 voor meerdere flessen wijn. Cocktails served in a carafe are perfect for sharing and will brighten up your patio. You can of course also upselling your homemade lemonades to add some rum or vodka.

4. Fast Payback

Het bevriezen van het vrieselement genaamd The Bullet kost slechts €0.01 aan energie en een conventionele ijsemmer kost ongeveer €0.35 cent aan ijsblokjes, daarbovenop komen nog de kosten van de servet. Voor de horecaondernemer die zijn ijsblokjes inkoopt bij de groothandel zit je al gauw op €1,00 per kg. Het terugverdienmodel met deze besparing en meer omzet is dus erg snel.

5. Sustainable

The Coolenator is made of fully recyclable Piocelan and recycled aluminum and natural gel. Due to the excellent insulation, the energy consumption is only €0.01 for several bottles of wine.

Sustainability at a glance:
Only €0.01 in energy consumption
Ice bucket at least €0.35 cents in energy consumption
No soap and energy consumption for washing napkins.

boutique hotel

Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Voor het boutique hotel kunnen wij de Coolenators zelfs voor elke kamer bedrukken met de print van een schilderij of kunstwerk dat op de kamer hangt dit zal de experience van uw gasten nog indrukwekkender maken.