8 Great Ideas on how to make a wedding personal

How to make a wedding personal ? You deserve to have a memorable wedding with your loved ones. Not everyone gets to find someone that they love enough to say “I do “to. So be ready to celebrate, party and have a great time.

One of the ways that you can make your wedding memorable is by personalizing it. The more personalized your celebration is, the more memorable it will be. This is why many couples love to include personal details in all aspects of their wedding. From their wedding ceremony to their reception, they include elements to make it unique and fun.

How to make a wedding personal here at Coolenator. We believe that it adds a certain zest to your wedding and makes it that much better. If you’re interested in towing this path, here are eight great ideas how to make a wedding personal 

1. Use Banners

You can never go wrong with personalized banners at your wedding. One lovely place where you can apply this idea is at your Sweetheart Table. We’ve also seen great welcome banners and even aisle banners. Banners give you a chance to direct your guests while including the details that make your wedding special. You can add images, your names, initials, and even your wedding date. We’ve also seen couples include love quotes that they both love on their banners.

2. A Custom Wedding Ring Box

Do more than taking your ring out of a non-descript box at your celebration. You can personalize it in so many ways. We’ve seen couples use a wedding ring box that has both their first names and their wedding dates. We’ve also seen some with their initials and a custom wedding crest. The results are beautiful. Another way that you can also personalize your wedding ring box is by using your wedding theme. Are you having a rustic wedding? How about using a box that is wooden with intricate designs? A custom wedding ring box is a great way to personalize your wedding ceremony.

3. Customized Wedding Fans Are Great

For couples having an outdoor wedding in the summer, wedding fans are a great idea. They also work for beach weddings and celebrations where guests might need to cool off a bit. These fans also supply an excellent avenue for couples to personalize their celebration. From using wedding colors to pictures and initials, the ideas are numerous. You can then place these fans on every guest’s seat for them to use during your ceremony. They’ll also double as wedding favors too!

4. Monogram Cake Toppers

Your wedding cake is another lovely canvas on which you can make your wedding personal. The avenue is using cake toppers. From getting toppers that look like you to using initials, there are many ways that you can go with this idea. You can also use your names, surname, or the regular Mr and Mrs. wedding cake topper. Just request that your wedding date is added to it. We’ve also seen wedding cake toppers with the couple’s first names that looked wonderful.

5. Personalized Napkins

Personalized napkins are fun and practical. You can use them to liven up your celebration during cocktail hour and your wedding dinner. Have your ushers share them to guests or add them to places at your reception tables. They’ll be a beautiful addition to your wedding table décor. You can also go further and include personalized napkin rings.  

6. A Personalized Rubber Stamp

Give your wedding guests a taste of how special your wedding will be by starting your personalization with your invites. A rubber stamp with your initials, wedding crest, and wedding colors would be sophisticated and elegant. We’d advise that you go for a waterproof brand too so that you can use them on more than just your wedding invites. Wedding favors and more can also feature your unique stamp.

7. Personalized Toasting Flutes

This idea is great for not just your wedding but after. You can take these flutes home as a memento of your special day. Go with the regular bride and groom glass décor or further it by including your names. They’ll look great in all your wedding pictures as your raise your glasses to celebrate your union.  

8. Our Unique and Personalized Coolenator

Use our personalized wine coolers to keep the drinks at your wedding cool for up to eight hours. It works beautifully for champagne, beer, wine, and other great drinks. It would look fabulous in your getting ready pictures as your toast with your wedding party too. You can personalize it with your wedding pictures, engagement photos, or your names too.

Our Coolenator would also make a fantastic souvenir that you can pull out during your anniversary. You deserve to have something this unique and different at your celebration. It’s a perfect idea for your wedding, bridal shower, and even as a wedding anniversary gift! To create yours, click on this link to get started.

How to make a wedding personal?

Personalizing your wedding is a great way to have that memorable celebration you’ve always dreamed of. So, feel free to incorporate one or two of the above ideas. Can you think of more ways that you can personalize a wedding?



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