King’s Day in the City: What to do on King’s Day?

Koningsdag is one of the most festive and colorful days in the Netherlands, where streets turn into bustling markets, parks are filled with music and dancing, and people from all over the country gather to celebrate the king's birthday. If you're planning to spend King's Day in the city, you've come to the right place. Let Kings Day 2024, surpass Kings Day 2023! We have compiled a list of great activities not to be missed during this festive day.

1. Orange Markets and Free Markets.

An absolute must-visit are the many dress markets, also known as free markets, held in each city. Start your day by visiting one of the many markets held by each city. Stroll along the rugs filled with second-hand treasures to find unique gems. Tip from us: visit this market early so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

koningsdag vrijmarkt

2. Cruising the canals

Board a boat and cruise the festive canals, surrounded by orange decorations and celebrating people. Enjoy views of historic buildings, bridges and lively street parties along the waterfront. And with the Coolenator, you don't have to worry about hot drinks because you can bring your favorite drinks on board chilled. Coolenator is a wine cooler that cools without ice and water, in an innovative way. This allows you to enjoy your chilled beverage without lugging ice around and without getting everything wet. Moreover, the Coolenator is perfect for drinks in the sun during your boat trip and it will certainly come in handy for more occasions!

3. Live Music and Street Performances

Get carried away by the upbeat sounds of live music and street performances that can be found throughout the city. From local bands to international artists, there is something for everyone. Visit the Noordplein in Rotterdam or the Jordaan in Amsterdam for great music and big dose of fun.

4. Orange Parties and Club Events.

One activity that is almost obvious: visit one of the many festivals during King's Day 2024. Many people these days are fans of visiting festivals, and during King's Day they go the extra mile. Dance the day and night away at vibrant parties and club events hosted by the city. We have selected 3 unique festivals you can visit this year:


538 Koningsdag, the largest Orange party in the Netherlands, annually attracts thousands of revelers to a vibrant location for a day full of music, fun and orange madness.538 Koningsdag, the largest Orange party in the Netherlands, annually attracts thousands of revelers to a vibrant location for a day full of music, fun and orange madness. Organized by Radio 538, this spectacular event erupts with performances by the most popular national and international artists, who enthrall the audience with their hits and energetic performances.

With exuberant crowds dressed in orange, the city is transformed into a sea of revelry, where people of all ages dance, sing and enjoy the festivities together. From rousing beats to compelling melodies, 538 Koningsdag is a celebration that embodies the true spirit of the Netherlands: togetherness, enthusiasm and pure joy.


Kings Day Loveland, held in Amsterdam, is an annual event that celebrates the royal holiday with electronic music and a festive atmosphere. On this day, dance enthusiasts gather to enjoy performances by various DJs and artists. Loveland's grounds will be transformed into a place full of colorful light shows and rousing beats, where revelers are free to dance and experience the celebration of freedom and music. Whether you are a fan of electronic music or just looking for a unique Kings Day experience, Kings Day Loveland in Amsterdam offers an opportunity to celebrate the festivities amid like-minded partygoers and good music.

The Life I Live Festival

The Life I Live Festival in The Hague is an annual event during Koningsnacht and Koningsdag. Taking place in the historic center of The Hague, the festival offers a diverse program of live performances on various stages.

With a mix of national and international artists ranging from different music genres such as rock, pop and electronic music, there is something for everyone. In addition to music, the festival grounds will feature art installations, street theater and culinary delights.

The Life I Live Festival is an opportunity to enjoy live music and entertainment surrounded by the lively atmosphere of the city of The Hague. Whether you come for the music, the art or just a cozy atmosphere, this festival offers a fun way to spend King's Night and King's Day in The Hague.

5. Terraces and Outdoor Parties

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at the many outdoor cafes and outdoor parties scattered throughout the city. Toast the king with friends and fellow partygoers and enjoy a refreshing drink in the sun and experience the city's conviviality. The Coolenator keeps your drinks nice and cool, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink all day long. Visit the Jordaan in Amsterdam or the Oude Markt in Enschede for a lively and cozy atmosphere.

With these 5 great activities to experience during King's Day in the city, you're guaranteed an unforgettable day of fun, adventure and festivities. So put on your orange outfit, grab your bike and head out to celebrate the royal birthday in style!



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