Unlike most drink chillers, Coolenator is completely reusable, eco-friendly, and recyclable! Coolenators are a huge environmental step up from wasteful, single-use bags of ice or heavy, leaky ice buckets. Every unit is built to last, with quality components made from sustainable materials that should keep your drinks ice-cold for years to come! Even when the unit breaks down, after thousands of chilled beverages and incredible days in the sun, every individual part is recyclable so that the earth can stay as cool as your drink!


Coolenators are incredibly durable and long-lasting, so you can keep your drinks super cold and eliminate the waste of plastic and water associated with other drinks coolers. With proper storage and cleaning, a Coolenator can last for many years, saving you money and reducing the need for plastics and disposables. We build every unit to last so that you can save money and the planet at the same time!


Every Coolenator is made by hand in our facility outside of Amsterdam, using only environmentally friendly materials and components. We don’t pollute or waste any materials because we want our product to be completely ethical and sustainable. Global warming is a real concern in this day and age, and we don’t want our product to contribute to the worsening of its effect. Coolenator customers can rest assured that we do everything we can to give back to the planet so that we can all continue enjoying cold drinks for years to come.


Once a Coolenator has been used heavily for several years, it may begin to break down, but luckily, every component is easily recyclable! The aluminium of the metal housing and Freezer Bullet is accepted by all recycling brands, as is the hardened Piocelan exterior and the plastic sleeves. From top to bottom, the Coolenator can be reused, repurposed, and recycled so that your carbon footprint can remain minimal while your drink remains ice cold!

At Coolenator, we make sustainability a priority because we care about the planet. We will continue doing our best to create our product in a way that benefits the planet and chills drinks as well as possible for as long as possible! Order a Coolenator and see the difference a nice, cold drink can make!


Each Coolenator is made of hardened polystyrene foam, which ensures a light-weight container for all your cooling needs! Inside the classic Coolenators, we include a cooling element consisting of a gel pack made of natural ocean water; a sustainable and efficient solution compared to products which require ice cubes. The styrofoam exterior in combination with the aluminium housing ensures that your drink stays cold, but your table stays dry! The outside is finished with plastic shrink film which, with normal use of the product, protects against damage and makes cleaning simple.


Unlike traditional cooling methods, such as ice or wine coolers, Coolenators will never water down your drink or leave unsightly rings on your table! Because the cooling element is completely internal, your drink can stay perfectly chilled without dilution or condensation, so your table can stay dry while your drink remains pure and ice cold.

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