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Celebrate National Drink Wine Day 2022!

How to Drink Wine & Keep It Cold!

National Drink Wine Day 2022. It might be that you already celebrate National Wine Day a few times a week and whoever started the movement has our blessing. Every year on February the 18th wine is celebrated by thousands of people. Wine has been around for thousands of years giving us fun times, history, and great health benefits. Over the years wine has become quite a science; how to drink it, how to pour it, what temperature should it be. These are just a few of the topics that are discussed worldwide.

To celebrate wine and all its glory we are going to briefly go over the history of wine. Why drinking wine can have great health benefits and how you should drink your wine. Over the years there have been many different methods on how to keep you wine cold. From a classic bucket with ice to electric coolers. We have a look at what the best options are for you! So that you can relax sit back and enjoy every sip of you wine, celebrating National Drink Wine Day!

How to Celebrate Drink Wine Day!

What is the National Drink Wine Day !

Someone in the USA made a Facebook group announcing the want to celebrate wine! This ended up getting as many followers as 52.000 and February 18th was the day to celebrate it. And wine not celebrate a special kind of liquid that brings people together. This is not to say that the day was created for everyone to just get absolutely off their face on wine. It’s a day to appreciate its role in history and society. Sipping on a Merlot while enjoying the company of friends and family is the main reason for celebrating.

What is the background of wine ?

Like many inventions it’s amazing to think that someone decided to take a grape of a tree and ferment it to make wine. How did feel when they first saw and tasted what must have felt like magical liquid. It’s hard to define where wine came from as the remnants of wine, such as fermented rice, fruit and honey found in China could have been part of their recipes. Early examples wine made of grapes comes from Georgia in Eastern Europe. The wine making process spread to the west, Ancient Mediterranean. You can only image the impact wine would have had back then, not only for its effects but also taste.

Personalise Your Wine Cooler

What is the best way to drink wine ?

We have all been there starting of with the sweetest white wine you can find. And as you get older your taste buds mature and you start to prefer stronger, dryer wines. Nowadays tasting wine is an art and you people study their whole life to become part of the sommelier elite. Swirling, sniffing, and sipping with certain techniques. The top important aspects to consider when drinking wine:

What is the best temperature to drink wine ?

The temperature of the wine is very important! When wine is served to cold the flavors can be muted. Of course, on a hot summer day an extra cold glass of Pinot sounds fantastic. When wine is served to warm it can really bring out the acidic taste therefore not showing of its flavor.

White wine should be served constantly chilled at no warmer than 10 degrees. Coolenators are great for keeping your white wine cold at a consistent level. Red wine is best kept between 7 and 18 degrees. Certain wines work better when slightly chilled. This is especially popular in the Mediterranean countries. Most red wine drinker don’t think twice about cooling their bottle of red wine. You bought it and it sits on the kitchen top until you open it. Many suggest this is too warm to drink you red warm and that a quick 10 min blast in the fridge or in the Coolenator would enhance the flavor.

What is the best type of glass to drink wine ?

Do wine glasses really make a difference to taste? The answer is, yes! Although a glass is nota miracle and will not make a bad wine taste good. It does have benefits such as allowing the wine to breathe. This helps the tannins break down and improve the wines flavor and allow the aromas to come loose.

Another interesting reason why wine glasses are a must is the contact between the drinker’s hand and the glass. Wine glasses have a stem so that the temperature is not affected by the heat contact of the hand. Do you also get wine glasses mixed up during family events? Everyone ends up drinking out of each other wine glass. Personalized glasses might be the solution! Personalize your own wine glass with your name!

How to pair food with wine ?

Ok so this is not a must but pairing food with the right wines can bring your experience to a whole new level! You don’t want either the meal or the wine to overpower each other, a perfect balance can be found when pairing properly.

Drinking Wine Health Benefits

Today if something tastes good, chances are it will be bad for you. So, it’s great to hear that red wine, when drunk in moderation has amazing health benefits.

According to red wine contains powerful plant compounds and antioxidants. These antioxidants have been linked to fighting inflammation and blood clotting. A reduced risk of heart disease and cancer is also on the list. People who consume about 150 ml a day, that’s about a large glass, have a 32% lower risk of heart disease.

Personalise Your Wine Cooler

How to keep wine cold ?

To name a few of the methods to keep your wine cold.

  • Traditional Ice Bucket
    • Probably the most common method to quickly cool down a bottle.
  • Wine Koozie
    • A neoprene sleeve that fits over the bottle. These usually come in different colors.
  • Cooler Pack
    • A simple cooler pack that wraps around the bottle after being frozen.
  • Coolenator
    • Environment friendly coolers with a removable freezer bullet that can be reused. Comes in many different designs.
  • Wine Stick
    • Aerating the wine at the same time. Freeze the stick and put it in the bottle.

With many cooling options on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Check out our comparison chart where we go through all the coolers adding in the pros and cons of each.



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