Floral: Where Nature Meets Elegance

Welcome to Coolenator’s “Floral” page, a celebration of the timeless beauty of flowers in a world of elegance and style. Explore a captivating collection that infuses the charm of nature’s blooms into your everyday moments.

The Language of Flowers:

In our “Floral” collection, you’ll find a stunning array of coolers and accessories adorned with intricate floral patterns. Each design captures the essence of nature’s artistry, allowing you to convey sentiments, evoke emotions, and embrace the beauty of the botanical world.

Elegance in Every Petal:

Our floral print coolers are not just decorative; they are an embodiment of sophistication. Each piece is a visual masterpiece that adds a touch of refined beauty to any setting, whether you’re hosting a garden party or elevating your home décor.

Versatility Meets Nature:

Whether you’re a lover of garden aesthetics or simply appreciate the grace of flowers, our floral print coolers adapt seamlessly to your style. They are versatile companions for those who cherish the timeless allure of blooms.

Quality and Beauty:

Coolenator believes in combining quality with beauty. Our floral print coolers are not only visually striking but also meticulously crafted to maintain the ideal temperature of your beverages, ensuring every sip is a delightful experience.

Embrace Floral Elegance:

Explore our “Floral” collection and discover the cooler that resonates with your love for nature and style. With Coolenator, you can infuse every moment with the timeless elegance of flowers, creating memories as beautiful as a bouquet in full bloom.

Blossom in Style:

Coolenator’s floral print coolers are a tribute to nature’s artistry. Whether you’re a botany enthusiast or simply adore floral aesthetics, our collection invites you to embrace the beauty of flowers and add a touch of natural charm to your life.


Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.
Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.
Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.


Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.
Original price was: €59.95.Current price is: €35.95.

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