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Classic | XL Beer

Enjoy a cold beer with the XL beer cooler! You store the cooler in the freezer. After charging the cooler makes your drink colder for up to 4 hours. Great Gift!

Coolenator | Dark Marble

Classy Black Marble edition of the Coolenator.


Choose a design and click on the link to buy. Coolenator includes 1x freezer bullet.

Classic | Champagne

Coolenators are active cooling bottle holders which make use of durable cooling elements to ensure your drinks remain ice-cold for

Classic | Pint-Wine

Enjoy the very last sip of your beer with the Pint Cooler. Keep it in the freezer. Keeps your drink cold for up to 4.5 hours. Cheers!

Coolenator | Barrel Wood

Wine tastes better when it is cold, with this handy wine cooler your wine will stay crispy cold and you can

Coolenator | Be my valentine

Spread the love with this lovely heart design! The Coolenator will improve the quality of your drinking experience. It's the easiest and most efficient way to keep your Champagne cold this year. Cheers!

Coolenator | Trees

The nature lovers wine cooler.

Bottle of Champagne – G.H. MUMM BRUT ROSE 75CL

Add a delicious bottle of Champagne to your Coolenator to make the perfect gift for friends, family or business partners.

Coolenator | Pink Leopard Print

Go Wild! A blend Pink Leopard spots makes a big visual statement!