The Best Road Trips This Summer

Top 7 Road Trip Routes

Summer is coming, and we are looking forward to being able to make future plans again.  Summer is just the perfect moment where you want to take some time off from the whole year’s commitments and hard work. If this year will allow us, here are some of the best road trips you might want to cover during your break! Ready?

1. The Classic - Route 66 USA

It might be trivial but how could we not mention it! Do you also feel nostalgic? Without even knowing why? We feel you...​

We definitely recommend the Classic Route 66, from the city of Chicago to Santa Monica and 2,418 miles of highway. This famous old road passes through the heart of the United States on a diagonal trip that takes in some of the country’s most archetypal roadside scenes. If you’re looking for great displays of neon signs, rusty middle-of-nowhere truck stops, or kitschy Americana, do as the song says and “get your kicks on Route 66.”

Meantime, you are thinking about your next or first road trip, get comfortable and feel the vibes with Easy Riders (1969), or Little Miss Sunshine (2006) filmed along Route 66! You won’t regret it. If you want to seriously organize and plan it  yourself, here are some books that will help you make an advanced Road trip plan!

2. Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia

Driving across the perfectly flat white expanse of the world’s largest salt lake. It is easy to believe that you are on another planet. After it rains the salt flats are turned into an enormous mirror. In the reflection, you’ll see the mountain peaks that surround the areas. When dry, the surface is so intensely white that it appears to be ice. At night the landscape is illuminated by the eerie white glow of the moon. <br><br>There are plenty of adventures to be had in Bolivia. This one is just unmissable!

  • The laidbacktrip has made a great blog in detail about  touring the Salar De Uyuni. We suggest checking it out if you are thinking of heading there.
  • Want to hear a more personal experience head to Sara Gallo’s site for her experience and tips.

3. The Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway in Pakistan​

The highest international road in the world!

The highest paved road in the world, the Karakoram Highway connects China and Pakistan. Along the way, it crosses the rocky mountain range that separates the two countries. Undoubtedly one of the world’s most stunning routes, the journey takes you through some seriously epic scenery. You’ll see towering snow-capped mountains, rocky gorges and pale blue rivers. has an accurate list of information about everything you need to know before lauch yourself to this amazing adventure in Pakistan!

4. The Great Ocean Road in Australia

How could we not mention our beloved Australia?

Extending 285km between Torquay and Warrnambool in southwestern Victoria, The Great Ocean Road was conceived as a scenic road of world repute to commemorate the soldiers who died during World War I. Blue water, spectacular rocks and vibrant forests. The most spectacular part of the drive is undoubtedly the appropriately named “Shipwreck Coast”, home to the dramatic rock formations of the Twelve.

For an extensive book reading guide to the Great Ocean Road check out Babbling Books.  Not in the mood for road tripping, there are many different walking routes you can do to get your heartrate up and take in the sights. If you are looking for a detailed blog have a look at the neverendingvoyage.

5. Croate Coast Road Trip Starting in Zagreb Dubrovnik

croatia coast

We are also lucky to be in Europe, where you can find the most scenic routes and different from each other! A road trip in Croatia, is very convenient, taking you through some of the most iconic highlights of Croatia. Doing a road trip allows you to be very flexible and to explore the off beaten path. In Particular, summer is the best season, the beaches are great, crystal waters and many islands to visit. Of course the food is great! Want to plan your own local food tour, this guide is a must with many awesome tips. 

Some of this road trip’s highlights include:  Plitvice Lakes National Park, Pag island, we recommend the south-west area for heavenly beaches, Krk waterfalls, island of Mljet.

6. Southern Spain

spanish coast

South of Spain in the perfect mix of culture, nature and history. Andalusia is a special place, with its strong Moors’s influence, that you’ll see everywhere. The low cost fuel, food and lifestyle will make this roadd trip very fun! Of course, you can’t miss cities like Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, or Ronda.

Stop to these cities for few days and go to visit the magical Alahambra, the Alcazar, watch a Flamenco show, the more local and smaller the show the better. Eat Paella, churros, lots of fish and of course get tapas everyday! Most places will give you free tapas whenever you order a drink. The more you drink the more tapas you will be eating, yum! A pint of beer can costs you around 2 euros and you’ll get many tapas along. Fantastic isn’t it?

7. Porto To Faro in Portugal

portugal coast

If you enjoy the idea of a very cheap Road trip, Portugal is even cheaper! Easy to travel and amazing landscapes. The route is 810km and starts from Porto, a city in the North to The surfer coast of Faro. Experience the azulejo-clad architecture, breathtaking viewpoints, vibrant cities and fantastic cuisine. If you are a wine lover, Portugal is well known for some of the best wine tours itinerary in the world. 

If you are able to go by car there are many other options available. The train only takes 5,5 hours. Perfect for a smaller, chilled road trip! Where’s Molly has made a great itinerary which you can use as a rough guide for your own plan. 

So there you have it, some of the top road trip locations! Obviously there are hundreds more out there, know and unknown. Be creative, go with the flow and let your feeling guide to the most amazing off the path places. If you want to know how to keep your drinks cold while travelling check out this page.




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