The new way to keep drinks cold during party's!

Summer is the best time of the year as you get to enjoy food, outside parties, and seasonal drinks with friends and family. For beer lovers, summer is the worst as drinks get warm exceptionally fast! You only have to start the BBQ, and the second minute, your drink is warm.

If you love parties and drinks, this summer will be excellent as Coolenator brings you the best unique bottle coolers that keep drinks cold. When you get to press that frozen drink into your hand, isn’t that the best feeling ever for beer lovers?!

What are Coolenator Products?

Coolenator is an innovative company focused on revolutionising the drinking industry. Instead of carrying a large cooling tub out every day, a small Coolenator can keep your drink cold for 3-10 hours. No matter how hot the day, your drink is always chilled throughout the party.
The idea seems simple, but there is no other drink freezer in the market that offers the same usability with such genius design and compact sizing. The days of old, heavy, and boring cooling tubs are over as Coolenator takes the drink industry by storm.

Hassle-Free Cold Drinks at Parties

You are not going to carry the fridge to the beach or the nearest park. Keeping drinks cold will always be a challenging part if you don’t have a hands-on Coolenator yet. The advanced technology keeps the drink chilled without any extra effort. Whenever you need a break, just put the can back in the Coolenator and again get chilled beer or non-alcoholic beverages in no time.
Every external factor that can speed up the drink’s warming process, Coolenator, insulates the beverage from all of these factors. The ice-cold material keeps the cooling effect trapped in for more than 5 hours. 3-6 hours for a drink, that’s too much time for any beer lover at any party.

Why are People Loving Coolenator?

Keeping things stylish yet classic has been the dream of every beer lover. The bulky ice buckets’ era came to an end with the innovation of Coolenator. From household item to party kit, Coolenator has become an essential part of every gathering where drinks are involved.
Here is another great thing about what you are going to love. Coolenator is customisable with different attractive designs. Are you looking for a fancy gift item that not only looks unique but practical too? Well, get a customised sleeve design, which keeps drinks cold, as per personal choice.
Make Christmas Great this Year with Coolenator!
Christmas is here, and you are probably thinking about an amazing gift for the loved ones or your own home. Grab a customised Coolenator with attractive skin and amaze your friends and family. Every time your loved ones sip chilled beer, you are the first person going to appear in their thoughts.
Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the coolest wine and beer drinkers. Grab the best personalised mini freezer for your family and friends and spread more love this Christmas.