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The ten best snacks to go with red wine

If you want to up your game with wine and cheese, you've come to the right place. Here are the ten best snacks to accompany red wine, guaranteed to impress your guests (or at least give them something to eat while they drink).

1. Cheese straws - These crunchy, savory straws are the perfect way to add a little crunch to your cheese board. Moreover, they are equally delicious with white and red wines.

2. Figs wrapped in prosciutto - Sweet and savory meet crunchy and chewy in this irresistible snack. Get a good quality prosciutto - it makes all the difference.

3. Marinated olives - A classic for a reason, marinated olives are the perfect way to add some salty flavor to your spreads. They also look very chic, although they are very easy to make. Just throw some olives in a jar with some herbs and oil, and you're good to go.

4. Crostini with tapenade - Another classic combination, crostini and tapenade is always a hit. If you want to indulge, you can make your own tapenade (here's a great recipe), but the store-bought kind is fine, too.

5. Spice popcorn - This is no ordinary popcorn. Mixing the popcorn with olive oil and fresh herbs before roasting gives it an extra special flavor that goes perfectly with red wine. And it's really beautiful to watch.

6. Roasted chestnuts - Roasted chestnuts are the ultimate winter snack, and they go great with red wine. If you can't find them pre-roasted, roasting them yourself is very easy - just make sure you don't overcook them or they will become tough and chewy instead of nice and tender.

7. Smoked almonds - Almonds are always a good idea, but smoked almonds are even better. They have just the right amount of salty flavor that goes perfectly with a glass of red wine (or two ... or three ...).

8. Honeycomb - Honeycomb is like nature's candy, and it is surprisingly easy to make at home. It is also truly beautiful, making it the perfect addition for an elegant cheese board or charcuterie board.

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9. Apple chips - Apple chips are crisp and slightly sweet, making them the perfect partner to a glass of dry red wine . You can find them pre-made at most supermarkets, or you can make them yourself from scratch.

10 .Chocolate truffles - Last but not least, chocolate truffles! These little heavenly bites go perfectly with red wine, thanks to their rich flavor and creamy texture. Moreover, they are always a hit with guests.

So there you have it - the top ten best snacks to serve with red wine . Whether you are looking for something simple or something more elaborate. With everything from cheese straws to chocolate truffles on the menu , your guests are sure to be impressed. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of red and start snacking! If you want to keep your bottle cold for a long time without discomfort, check out Coolenator's unique wine coolers!



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