The top 10 best Christmas gifts for wine lovers

Are you looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a wine lover in your life this Christmas? Then you need look no further. In this blog post, we list the best wine gifts so you can really impress your family and friends.

No.10 Wine Aerator
Had you never heard of this either? You are certainly not the only one. The wine aerator is a pouring cap that you place on your bottle of wine. It slows down from pouring the wine into the glass. This allows the wine to absorb more oxygen and enriches the taste sensation of the wine. Not only we are fans of this product to really bring out the wine. Reviews are also nothing short of rave about this product.

No. 9 Carafe
Of course, these days wine bottles are already beautifully styled and you don't really need to add anything more. But not every bottle got the prettiest label and actually deserves to be presented in a better way at Christmas dinner. A dark red wine in a fancy decanter adds ambiance to your entire table. There will be long conversations about how fancy and well organized your dinner was.

No. 8 Storage rack
You'd think every wine lover would have like a storage rack. But honestly, does your family member or friend really have enough storage for all the bottles of wine or is there now a whole collection of bottles next to that already full storage rack? Maybe it's time for reinforcement so that all wines get the spot they deserve. Do you choose a classic look or a modern storage rack?

No. 7 Wine glasses
As a true wine fanatic, there will probably be plenty of wine glasses in the house already. Wine glasses, however, come in all shapes and sizes. Do you opt for the home, garden and kitchen glasses of somewhat stronger glass that last longer? Or do you go for thin glass with a long neck, that when you drink from this glass, wine immediately tastes a lot nicer than before? Nowadays, there is also an option to print glasses. Leave your personal message on the glasses or imprint the glasses with names. That way, you'll never lose your glass again either.

No. 6 Wine notebook
If you love wine, you naturally want to remember which wines were tasty and which were quite disappointing. Fortunately, there are super handy and fun wine notebooks where the wine lover can fill in what they thought of each wine. Wine notebooks come in many different shapes, sizes and contents. Do you keep it simple or do you like to fill in very elaborate details about what you think of the wine? In any case, this notebook is a must have for any wine lover.

No. 5 Corkscrew
Yes, I can already hear you thinking, "but these are gifts for wine lovers, they would already have a corkscrew anyway." And yes, you are right. Of course, a true wine lover already has a corkscrew, some have several themselves. But do you ever have enough? In addition, there are of course plenty of different variations think of the simple corkscrew that everyone can find in the house to a modern electric version where the heavy work is done for you. Of course, there are many other different options and styles to suit your wine lover.

No. 4 A wine refrigerator
This is a slightly more expensive gift but for the same money, you want to go big with gifts this year. Every home should have a wine refrigerator, of course, but unfortunately this is not the case. Does your wine lover not yet have a wine refrigerator that completes the whole wine picture? Then this might be the time to take care of that. In any case, we are sure that with this gift you certainly won't miss the mark.

No. 3 Wine stopper
Does your wine lover always drink the wine all the way through, or is there sometimes a little left over that is fine to leave until the next day? Without a wine stopper, this becomes a bit difficult but with a good wine stopper, that wine is still as good as new the next day. Again, of course, you can find these in all shapes, sizes and styles. There is bound to be one among them that will be completely to your liking.

No. 2 Coolenator
I can hear you thinking, "Where does that leave a wine cooler?". Here is the wine cooler that every wine lover and anyone else who drinks wine or likes to keep their drinks cool should have in their home. The unique cooling system ensures that you never have to lug around ice cubes or get everything wet because the bottle wine drips. The Coolenator is the product for the wine lover, and with the options to personalize it, you'll never have enough of these either and it's always a nice personal gift. Now see also the special wine gift packages where you are sure to impress!

No. 1 Wine
Should you run out of time and still want to give a nice gift, a bottle of wine is never wrong. Do try to be a little more creative than just grabbing a bottle from the deals rack, but get good advice from someone in the store. It's even more fun if you do a quick google search for a small wine or liquor store nearby where the owner still enthusiastically talks about the best wines.

After this blog, we're sure you've gained enough inspiration to score a great gift for your wine lover. Also this Christmas, don't forget to shop only at well-known stores but also look for the more personal things where people understand what they are selling and tell you about it with love.



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