Top 10 Christmas gifts for your favorite foodie

The season of the Christmas tree, ugly sweaters and happy songs has arrived, and of course that includes gifts. We know how hard it is to find the right gifts for your family and friends, so we're happy to help you get started. In this blog, we share the top 10 Christmas gifts for your favorite Foodie. So if you want to hit the mark this year and be crowned best gift giver of the year, read on!

1) A chef's knife - It may seem like a simple gift but it is the staple of every foodie's life. A quality chef's knife makes life easier and more fun in the kitchen. It's a gift any foodie will appreciate. If, like us, you have no understanding of knives, we recommend you go to your nearest kitchen store and get informed by someone knowledgeable about them. Of course, you can always choose to personalize the knife by having your Foodie's name engraved on it, for example.

2) A subscription to a Foodie magazine - Your Foodie probably also wants to continually educate herself on cooking and cutting techniques. Also, it's always fun to try new recipes. Therefore, a magazine that focuses entirely on food and cooking is perfect for your foodie. Do a little google search yourself to see which magazine it is appropriate. In any case, we love Cooking & Enjoyment, Delicious and Foodies.

3) Cutting boards - A cutting board is another item that will never be lacking in the kitchen. But someone who really loves cooking food will have several cutting boards. In fact, it is more hygienic to use different cutting boards for different products, that way you do not cut meat and fish on the same board. So take a good look at what system your Foodie uses and whether it lacks a specific cutting board. Of course, you can also choose to buy a personalized cutting board. When doing this, make sure it is a good board that will not harm the chef's knife.

4) A set of pans - A true foodie never has enough pans. They come in all shapes and sizes and all have unique properties. Yes, we are still talking about pans. It is a gift that is sure to be appreciated. Especially if you stop by a local cooking store and ask which pans are best for your Foodie. Believe me when I say you will still be amazed at the different types of pans you will see. Have fun!

5) Coolenator - A wine cooler? A true foodie likes to be in the kitchen with a good bottle of wine. Those, of course, they would very much like to drink cold. The Coolenator is the wine cooler everyone wants to have in their kitchen and on their table among all the goodies. You can also personalize this unique wine cooler with pictures of favorite dishes, recipes or just a really nice print that fits the kitchen, for example. There is a suitable Coolenator for everyone. Also check out the gift boxes. The perfect gift equally fun wrapped. Nothing more needs to be done about this.

6) A sommelier course - Of course, to stay in the wine business, a wine tasting course is always a good idea. Because what is a dish without a perfectly matched wine to go with it to make the experience copmleet. At the end of this course, we would definitely stop by your Foodie's to eat and of course taste the best wines. But secretly, of course, it is even cozier to take this course together. Taking an interest in each other's hobbies is always good, with that we never turn down a wine of course!

7) Cake decoration - Is your foodie also totally into baking cupcakes and cakes? Then decorations to make the cake and cupcakes even more fun are not a luxury. Maybe it's true with all the gifts in this list but here it definitely applies as well that hopefully you get to enjoy them a little yourself. Of course, nothing is more fun than eating a fresh cake with your decorations when baking comes around again. Of course you can get a lot at the big supermarkets but also check if there is a local store nearby that specializes in baking products, the assortment there will also be a lot more diverse.

8) A cookbook - Do you ever have enough cookbooks if you really love cooking? The amount of different cuisines sometimes seems endless so you can probably find a cookbook that is not yet in your cooking fanatic's cupboard. Perhaps you yourself have a favorite kitchen in which little is cooked by your foodie. A subtle hint in the form of a cookbook is always a good idea. You can also order these online, of course, but you might prefer to check out your local bookstore or a small business owner who specializes in selling cookbooks.

9) Herbs - Yes, yes, they will probably have enough herbs already, but when do you actually have enough herbs? And do you ever have all the spices? Cook a special spice rack with the herbs already in it or go to the market and score the herbs that you are a little less likely to find in Dutch cooking. New spices also motivate you to try new dishes again and develop as a foodie. So it is not only a very fun and creative gift but also encourages the other person to start cooking more creatively again. So with this gift you will score points anyway.

10) A Cooking Class - We close this top 10 Christmas gifts for your favorite Foodie with a cooking class. Yes, your foodie can obviously already cook delicious food but surely there is a kitchen in which they still have something to learn. A cooking class is the perfect way to give them that opportunity and learn from someone who has complete mastery of a specific cuisine. This is another gift you can do together again, even if you don't necessarily like cooking yourself you can at least serve as a taster in between. Again no gift is more fun than doing something nice together and immersing yourself in the other person.

We are very curious to know what gift you will purchase for your Foodie this Christmas. Let us know in the comments or send us a message on social media to @coolenator we always enjoy hearing from you. Of course, if you have any questions about the Coolenator or would like help personalizing your Coolenator feel free to send us a message. Look for our latest promotions on social media and put this beautiful wine cooler under the tree for one of your family members or friends this year. Happy days!



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