Top 10 gifts for beer lovers

It's always hard to find the perfect gift during the holidays. Especially for someone who has a specific preference for a particular product, such as a beer lover. Especially if you have no affinity for this product yourself, it is difficult to find the ideal gift for your favorite beer lover. But no worries we'll make sure you still arrive with the perfect gift. Below are the top 10 gifts for beer lovers.

  1. A large bottle of their favorite beer

Most breweries also sell a larger size of their beers. Isn't that the ideal gift to gift to your beer lover. You are sure they are going to like it because it is their favorite beer and you know that at least the person has enough beer for that night.

  1. Tap handle

Have you ever been to a pub with all the specialty beers on tap? Then you also know that a separate tap handle is made for each beer. Often these tap handles are available separately and you can give them as gifts to your beer lover. Great as an addition to the already existing collection or a nice item to gift so that this person can collect a new collection of special itemss. Then next year you'll know right away what to give again.

  1. A beer subscription

There are subscriptions in everything these days so too in delivering beer packages. If you want to give your favorite beer lover a gift every month, consider a beer subscription. This involves delivering beers to your beer lover every month or every two months. A unique gift that your gift recipient will enjoy all year long.

  1. The Coolenator

Of course, a coolenator cannot be missing from the list of top 10 best gifts for beer lovers. The coolenator not only comes in wine and champagne sizes but also comes in two beer sizes: for cans and glass bottles. This unique beverage cooler will keep your beer cold for up to 6 hours. What beer lover wouldn't want this gift. You can also personalize the Coolenator with your favorite photo or quote on it.

  1. A personalized beer opener

Of course your beer lover has plenty of beer openers but does this person already have a beer opener that is personalized? Consider engraving the initials and date into the beer opener. But of course, you can also choose a more luxurious look or a unique design that suits this person well. In any case, a gift I'm sure will be in good taste.

  1. Beer glasses

Beer glasses will also be found plenty in your beer lover's home but you can always look for a set of unique glasses to add to the glass collection. For example, there are several special editions and breweries often make a special glass for each beer as well. So there are plenty of options to choose from. Of course, you can also have a personalized glass made.

  1. Self beer brewing package

Nothing is more fun than making something yourself and totally your own beer if you love it. Therefore, a homebrew kit is a good gift for your beer lover anyway. They can make this package on their own, of course, but how cozy is it to brew a beer together? A fun activity to do together and a nice gift to give.

  1. Beer mats

It is common for beer lovers to collect beer skins of different beers. Online you can find several beer mats to gift to a collector or the beer enthusiast. On Marketplace, you can often find a whole collection that people want to get rid of. But there are also special versions that require a bit more searching. Of course, you also have the option here to create a personalized beer mat with your favorite photo on it, for example.

  1. A shirt from a brewery

Every beer lover has a favorite brewery. Almost every brewery has its own merch, this involves buying different products with the logo on them. Often these are special glasses but also shirts. Maybe your beer lover doesn't collect glasses or beer mats but rather shirts from his favorite brewery. Look around the holidays for special editions.

  1. Beer tasting

Even for the non-beer fanatic who does enjoy a beer now and then, of course, a beer tasting is always fun. You can get different packages of beers. Some packages have special themes such as, for example, the countries the beers come from. Of course, the idea with this gift is that you do this together or with a group. You can also choose not to do it at home but make it a real outing. Plenty of great places in Holland where they would love to welcome you for an afternoon or evening of beer tasting.

Whatever the budget there is bound to be a gift among them that will perfectly suit your beer lover. Let us know in the comments or send us a message on social media to @coolenator we always enjoy hearing from you. Of course, if you have any questions about the Coolenator or would like help personalizing your Coolenator feel free to send us a message. Check out our latest promotions on social media and gift this beautiful beer cooler to one of your family members or friends this year.




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