A plate of snacks, a glass of wine and grapes next to it. Top 10 Snacks to Serve with White Wine

Top 10 Snacks to Serve with White Wine (or any wine, really)

You are hosting a cozy night for you and your friends. You bought the perfect bottle of white wine. But then the question of what snacks to serve with such a nice bottle of white wine arises. We are here to help you out.  Here are our top 10 snacks to serve with white wine. Or any wine, really.

1. Chips and guacamole - I mean, come on. Who doesn't love chips and guac? The salty chips are the perfect foil for the creamy, spicy guacamole. Plus, the green color is pretty and will make your plate look nice.

2. Cheese and crackers - Another classic for a reason. Cheese is rich and creamy and pairs perfectly with the crispness of a cracker. Plus, there are so many different kinds of cheese that you can always find one to match your mood.

3. Fruit - A light and healthy option that is still satisfying. Plus, fruit is pretty and will make your plate look nice. Bonus points if you use in-season fruit.

4. Vegetables and dip - A great way to get your veggies in while still enjoying a tasty snack. Choose your favorite vegetables and pair them with a delicious dip. I like hummus or ranch dressing.

5. Pizza - Come on, you knew this was going to be on the list. Pizza is the perfect snack because it has all of the major food groups: bread, cheese, and meat (or veggies if you're vegetarian). Plus, it's easy to eat without utensils and easy to share with friends. Perfection!

6. Chicken tenders - A fun twist on chicken fingers that is sure to please everyone at your party. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce or just plain old ketchup if you're feeling wild.

7 . Mini quiches - Delicious AND cute! Make mini quiches using whatever ingredients you like best or have on hand. I like to add bacon because everything is better with bacon but feel free to get creative and mix it up!

8 . Quesadillas - Another great option for those who want something hearty but not too heavy . Add your favorite cheese , meat , and/or veggies between two tortillas , grill or fry until golden brown , then cut into small pieces for easy snacking.

9. Sausage rolls - If you're feeling fancy , then sausage rolls are the way to go . they might look complicated but they're actually quite simple to make ! Just wrap some sausage meat in puff pastry , brush with egg wash , and bake until golden brown. Cut into small pieces for easy snacking.

10. Brownies - Because sometimes you just need a little something sweet . Cut them into small pieces so you don't overdo it (trust me , it's easy to do).

No matter what kind of mood you're in, there's a snack on this list for you! So next time you're hosting a night at yours with friends and scored the perfect white wine, enjoy one (or all) of these delicious snacks. Have fun!



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