Top 5 Reasons for Boat-Owners to Consider a Coolenator

As summer approaches and sailors and boat-owners begin planning their upcoming trips around the globe, Coolenator wants to help you prepare for the voyage of a lifetime! Here are our top 5 reasons to consider bringing a Coolenator on your next trip to sea!

Maximise storage space – Even on a huge yacht, storage space is at a premium, especially in the fridge and freezer! With the Coolenator Pro, you can store one or more of our Freezer Bullets, which are fully interchangeable and slot easily into the base of the unit, saving you space in your smaller onboard fridges and freezers. Rather than wasting space with larger coolers or bags of ice, grab a Coolenator Pro and start maximising your storage space on deck today!

Minimise trips to shore – Every sailor has had the same nightmare: being days out of port with days more to go before their next destination, but only warm beverages to drink! Others stay near the coast, heading to land a few times a day to replenish their stock of cold beer, wine, and cider, or to grab a new bag of ice. With Coolenator, you will never have to live through this trauma again! Classic Coolenator units cool for hours and are fully rechargeable, so drink to your heart’s content, then store them in the fridge to begin the cycle anew! The Pro unit cools even better, and owning at least two Freezer Bullets means the cooling can continue endlessly, so the party never has to end!

Save on fuel – The heavier the boat, the more fuel you will use, making the light-weight Coolenator the ideal addition for your next trip! The Coolenator is primarily made out of a strengthened super light polymer called Piocelan which won’t scratch your boat, but protects your drink while actively cooling it. Rather than carrying a heavy, ice-filled cooler, which will cost you precious fuel while at sea, order a Coolenator today to ensure this year’s trip is super fuel efficient!

Reduce waste – If you want to be eco-friendly and cost effective on your boat, the Coolenator is the way to go! Bags of ice are heavy, drippy, and always come in disposable, one-use plastic bags which are often dropped or blown overboard. Coolenators are reusable for years and are completely condensation-free on their exterior, eliminating unsightly rings on your tables or dangerous slippery puddles on the deck! Coolenators can also be recharged, unlike ice, so if you have a long voyage ahead of you, grab a Coolenator and sail into the sunset today!

Save on costs – Boat upkeep can be costly, but your drink cooler shouldn’t be! The Coolenator offers up to six hours of active drink cooling, all without ice or water, and are rechargeable and reusable for the long weeks at sea, so you won’t have to purchase a new unit for years! Rather than filling up a cooler with ice every few days, one Coolenator purchase should cover you for all the trips you can plan for years to come!

At Coolenator, we believe that just because you are at sea doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice your need to enjoy a cold drink! Bring one on your next overseas excursion and see why the world is talking about Coolenator!


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