We have 4 sizes of classic Coolenators where the entire unit must be kept in the freezer.

  • Beer Coolenator; fits standard 12oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses for drinks like wine, mixers or soft drinks.
  • Beer Xl Coolenator; fits standard 12 oz cans, bottles and tumbler glasses. Cooling on average an hour longer than the mini coolentor.
  • Pint Coolenator; A perfect fit for a straight pint glass. Standard thin bottles of wine, large beer bottles and cans.
  • Champagne Coolenator; Any bottle up to 10cm width. Fit’s up to the size of a moet & chandon champagne bottle. All 1 Liter beer bottles and straight carafes/jugs.

The Coolenator PRO is available in a one-size-fits-all unit suitable for all drink holders. 

Coolenator PRO; fits any bottle up to the standard champagne bottle size with a width of 9.5cm/3.7inch

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