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Coolenator for Business

Coolenator was designed with businesses in mind! See how Coolenator can be used in your hotel, shop, office or restaurant today! Save costs, time and build brand awareness!

✔ Improve your guest’s experience.
✔ Generate more sales!
✔ Save on wages and expenses.
✔ An investment that pays for itself.
✔ Improving sustainability within the company.

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Your last sip colder than the first.

Active cooling bottle coolers with durable cooling elements to ensure your drinks remain ice-cold for hours!
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Key Features

Coolenator’s are a big environmental step up from wasteful, single-use bags of ice or heavy, leaky ice buckets. Our sustainable bottle coolers made from super insulating materials will keep your drinks ice-cold for years to come.

✔ Reusable
✔ Recyclable
✔ Save water & Energy
✔ Durable

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Benefits of Coolenator

Your last sip colder than the first

Eco friendly


Up to 8 hours
of cooling





Gift Packages


beer gift drinking friends


Let warm beer be a thing of the past! See all Coolenator items that will make your beer drinking a heck of a lot cooler!


Keep your wine cold until the very last drop! At Coolenator we want to ensure your enjoyment of that quality drinking time.


Champagne is best served cold, now it’s never been easier! Pop that bottle in celebration and let Coolenator take care of the rest!


Cocktail & home-made lemonade are all best served cold! Keeping your jugs extra cold. No more watered down Sangria for you!

How it Works

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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! 🤩

At Coolenator, we want to keep your drink as cool as you. With up to six hours of active cooling, Coolenator is an innovative drink chiller that keeps your drink cold without the need for drippy ice or condensation. 💧

Grab one today and keep your favourite beverage ice cold today!

I’ll drink to that!😉

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As summer approaches sailors and boat-owners will once again go to lengthy means to try and keep bottles of beers and cans of coke cold! ❄️❄️

A beer cooler that actually works well can be tricky to find. 🧐 Wasting ice, battery, shore runs, fuel and space along the way. 💧

Coolenator has solved all those age old problems! Saving cash, making prepping the boat easier and the journey more enjoyable!😍

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Let’s have some wine and cheese 🥂

Meantime #coolenator will actively cool your bottles up to six hours! No need to worry about that.