Let us make giving a business gift easy and ensure your gift will become a loved possession and not end up in the dusty corners of the office. Looking to spice up your promotional gifts? Hosting a wedding or corporate event and looking for a giveaway that will help you increase the sales?  

Coolenator offers a personalized business gift with originality and thoughtfulness! Making your client’s, customers and coworkers feel oh-so-classy at the next dinner party with the coolest gadget in town.

As a forward-thinking company a personalized wine package gift or a craft beer package gift can really help make your brand stand out and shine! Reconnect with a personal touch and see how all that extra chilling power can take those luxury wine tasting times to the next level!

Your company logo will look great on a Coolenator promoting brand awareness and recognition as your staff use them in parks, on beaches, and even from the comfort of their homes! Smaller companies can consider making personalised Coolenators for each member of staff to show them how much you value their hard work! 

Everyone likes a cold drink, so every business has a need for a product that keeps beverages ice-cold! Just make sure to keep one for yourself, because everyone can use a Coolenator to keep things cool in their lives!

Contact us to discuss your wishes and to receive a personalised quotation!


What can I put in a wine package gift?

Wine gift baskets can be as fun and as creative as you would like them to be. Many baskets contain a selection of wines, or  to drink those delicious beers from. The newest edition for wine package deals is to add a gift that will add a personal touch as well as keep them those rosés cold. Coolenator has a personalised wine cooler that will keep your drink cold for up to 4 hours. Choose a design to fit your favourite photo, colour of wine or 

What different gifts does Coolenator offer?

We offer a variety of business gifts to suit all preferences and budgets. From wine packages combined with a personalised Coolenator in a gift box with your custom logo. To a classic marble design with a delicious bottle of sparkling wine. Contact us with your idea and we will work with you to put together the perfect gift.

What are unique corporate gifts?

A corporate gift is a type of gift given by a business to employees, potential clients or business partners as  a thank you and token of appreciation for the work and relationship. What gift you give says a lot about your company and who you are as a business. Leaving a good and lasting impression is important. Coolenator’s are sustainable unique gifts that will be a centerpiece in every household, making for a long lasting brand recognised gift.

What is a good business gift?

A good business gift is personal and has thought put into it. Give a gift that will be appreciated and at the same time is useful for your company. Personalised gifts are a permanent reminder of your brand. Customers, business partners and potential clients  who have received corporate gifts in the past will appreciate a unique gift that will surprise them!

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