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Coolenator IS not just a regular wine cooler

Coolenator wine coolers actually make your bottle colder rather than using the cold from the bottle itself. Coolenator has a removable freezer bullet that ads a powerful freeze to the cooler.



Elevated guest experience

with drinks served at the ideal temperature throughout their stay.​

Increased operational efficiency

by minimizing the need for frequent beverage checks.

Substantial cost savings

through reduced ice usage and enhanced table space utilization.

No Condensation

Keep tables and hands dry for a more comfortable and clean experience.

Space Saving

Coolenators compact design minimizes table space, allowing for more efficient use of the table.


Weighing less than 1kg Coolenator is significantly lighter than traditional ice buckets, making it easier to handle and carry.

Protect Bottle Labels

Keep bottles looking pristine with Coolenator, as there’s no risk of labels peeling off.

Personalized Beer Cooler


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order for large quantities of Coolenator products?

To place an order for large quantities, please e-mail us for a custom quote. Our team will assist you in fulfilling your order efficiently.


Can Coolenator assist with personalized design options for our order?

Absolutely! Coolenator offers help with personalizing your wine cooler. Send us an e-mail and we will help you achieve the desired design. 

Can I see a proof of the personalized design before placing my order?

Yes, Coolenator provides design proofs for approval before production begins. Once you submit your design specifications, our team will create a proof for your review and approval.

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