revolutionized cooling your drink

the only cooler that actively cools your drink

We’re proud to announce our own groundbreaking design of the Coolenator, we are the exclusive sellers of this innovative product worldwide. What sets the Coolenator apart is its unparalleled uniqueness in the market. With the Coolenator, you’ll never need to rely on ice again to chill your beverages.

Our patented technology ensures that the Coolenator keeps your drinks refreshingly cold without the mess or hassle of melting ice. This revolutionary solution not only saves you time and effort but also preserves the flavor and quality of your beverages, providing a level of convenience and sophistication that is unmatched.

Say goodbye to dilution and dripping condensation – the Coolenator is here to elevate your cooling experience to a whole new level.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Created to make your
life easier

The Coolenator wine cooler is designed with user convenience in mind. Its lightweight construction makes it incredibly portable, allowing you to take it wherever you go. Additionally, it has been thoughtfully engineered to occupy minimal space, ensuring it seamlessly fits into your living space or party setup without being obtrusive.

This thoughtful design approach not only enhances ease of use but also caters to the diverse needs of wine enthusiasts, making the Coolenator an ideal choice for keeping your wines at the perfect temperature.

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MEET The people
behind your 


edward van noord, founder of coolenator, owner, cocos outback

Edward, founder

After years in hospitality, I’ve developed a perfect product for wine lovers. It’s not just practical; it enhances the wine-drinking experience too.

Every day, I lead our team and company in expanding and introducing more people to the enhanced wine-drinking experience. I take pride in successfully managing and growing our family business.

amy, co-founder of coolenator, managing director

Amy, Manager