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Coolenators are active-cooling bottle holders which make use of durable cooling elements to ensure your drinks remain ice-cold for hours!

Are you tired of the usual inconveniences involved with keeping your drink chilled? Are ice cubes watering down your drink, or are dripping bottles covered in condensation leaving rings on your table? The Coolenator’s innovative internal cooling element eliminates these problems, and can even be personalised with your own photos, logos, or text, making them perfect for every occasion!

The internal freezing element absorbs a tremendous amount of freezing power from your deep freezer. The freezing power is locked inside our 100% insulated cooling sleeve made from hardened styrofoam and slowly released through the aluminium cup directly into your drink for cooling of up to 1.5 hours. You simply store the Coolenator in your freezer so it is always ready to enjoy and cool your drink.

Each Coolenator is made of hardened polystyrene foam, which ensures a light-weight container for all your cooling needs! Inside the classic Coolenators, we include a cooling element consisting of a gel pack made of natural ocean water; a sustainable and efficient solution compared to products which require ice cubes. The styrofoam exterior in combination with the aluminium housing ensures that your drink stays cold, but your table stays dry! The outside is finished with plastic shrink film which, with normal use of the product, protects against damage and makes cleaning simple.


  • Integrated cooling element. The whole Coolenator goes in the freezer.
  • 100% condensation free! No more wet rings on tables.
  • Optimal cold insulation due to the Piocelan (harden styrofoam) exterior in combination with the aluminium center.
  • Light weight.
  • The outside is finished with plastic shrink film which, with normal use of the product, protects against damage and makes cleaning easy.
  • Saves water & energy. No need for messy ice buckets.


  • For optimal use leave your Coolenator in the freezer overnight.
  • Do not put your Coolenator in the dishwasher.
  • Colour may vary slightly from picture.

The mini Coolenator a perfect fit for 12oz. standard size can’s bottles, soft drinks, glasses and good old fashioned beer. 

Weight 0.205 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 mm

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  1. Jesse T

    cool product!

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Wine tastes better when it is cold, with this handy wine cooler your wine will stay crispy cold and you can keep the bottle in the bottle cooler within reach. With the  Coolenator you keep the desired temperature up to 6 hours cool and in addition the wine cooler is a gem on the table because it has a unique and timeless design. Wine cooler Removable freezing element Keeps bottle cold for up to 8 hours No melting ice due to internal removable freezing element Suitable for all types of bottles up to 10 cm in diameter Saving water and energy. Lessen the waste of single use plastic ice bags. Wine always cold to hand With the help of an innovative cooling system, this champagne cooler keeps your champagne or wine cool for hours! With the Coolenator wine cooler you will have no more melting ice diluting your drink and wet labels falling off the bottle. This wine cooler consists of two parts, the freezer bullet that you charge in the freezer and the exterior of strong metal. Underneath the metal exterior, the Coolenator is made of a super insulating foam, which means you won't have to deal with condensation on the outside of the cooler. Wet circles on the table are therefore also a thing of the past! The combination of these elements ensures maximum cooling and keeps your drink nice and cool for up to 8 hours! The temperature of the wine is very important A temperature between 10 and 12 °C is ideal for your favorite wine. Imagine, the bottle comes out of the fridge the perfect temperature, but of course you want the last glass just as enjoyable as the first cold glass. With a Coolenator wine cooler you can maintain the desired temperature. Unique design Your Coolenator is truly unique. Coolenators are coolers that really work and keep your drink cool while you enjoy it, so you have no temperature loss. A great gift for a birthday gift, wedding present or housewarming. The cooler is suitable for any kind of bottle with a diameter of up to 10 cm. So you can also use it for carafes, water bottles and other types of bottles to serve chilled. Specifications: Brand: Coolenator Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 14 cm Dimensions freezer bullet: 9 x 5 cm Material: Piocelan inside, aluminum outer sleeve


This one-of-a-kind wine cooler features a removable freezer bullet that you insert in the bottom of the wine cooler. After the freezer bullet has been in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours you insert it into the Coolenator. The insulated interior keeps your wine at the perfect temperature, while the metal exterior ensures durability.


No Ice Needed

Keep drinks cold without diluting them with ice. Enjoy every last sip.

Long Lasting Cooling

Forget endless trips to the fridge for top ups. Cools Powerfully for up to 6 hours.

Zero Condensation

No more wet rings on your table.


Removable Element

The compact freezer bullet takes up minimal space in the freezer.


Worldwide Shipping

Free Shipping worldwide from 35 euros.


Order As a Gift.

Add a personalised card for an extra personal touch.


High Quality.

Made to last and keep Cooling.


Gift with Ease.

Deliver it gift wrapped.