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the entire cooler in the freezer.


your can or bottle into the cooler.


ice-cold drinks with every sip!

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Jesse T
Jesse T

cool product!

3 years ago

Frequently asked questions

Beer Cooler Information

How does the Beer Cooler work?

The Coolenator Beer and can Cooler utilizes a unique cooling technology that doesn't rely on ice. The inside contains a special cooling gel that, when frozen, efficiently chills beverages for 4 hours. Simply place the cooler in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours, then insert your drink into the Cooler to enjoy active cooling and no diluted drinks.

What types of beverages can I chill with the Beer Cooler?

The Beer Cooler is designed to chill a wide range of beverages, including beer bottles, stemless wine glasses, soda cans, juice, and more. The maximum diameter of the cooler is 7cm.  Its versatility makes it ideal for various occasions, whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a picnic, or simply relaxing at home. Perfect for all beer lovers who want to enjoy their drink to the last sip.

How long does it take for the Coolenator Beer Cooler to chill a drink?

The cooling time may vary depending on factors such as the initial temperature of the beverage and the ambient temperature. We recommend putting an already cold can or bottle in the cooler. The Cooler will ensure that your can will be colder than when you put it in.

However, in general, the Beer Cooler can chill a drink within minutes, providing a refreshing cold beverage whenever you need it.

What makes the Coolenator Beer Cooler Classic different from other beer coolers on the market?

The Coolenator Beer Cooler stands out from other beer coolers due to its innovative cooling technology and user-friendly design. Unlike traditional coolers and neoprene holders, the Coolenator Beer Cooler Classic offers active cooling. Which means for hours during the slow release it is constantly adding cold to your bottle. It's portable, reusable, and minimizes the use of ice-cubes, keeping your beverages cold wherever you go.

Is the Coolenator Beer Cooler easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the Can Cooler is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply rinse it with water and mild soap if dirty, then allow it to dry before returning it to the freezer for the next use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to ensure the longevity of the product.