Restaurant Hull : Top 7 Cosy restaurants you have to visit

Restaurant Hull. It’s abbreviated from Kingston Upon Hill is an up and coming town with plenty going on. There are many walking routes to be enjoyed as well as historical landmarks.  It lies among the river Hull. An interesting spot to visit in Hull is the Scale Lane Bridge. A bridge half way over the water that never got finished in costruction. It has now become a bridge for pedestrians who may stay on the bridge as it moves to let boats pass.

Going somewhere out to have dinner or lunch is always fun, especially when you have someone to accompany you. Of course, it is human nature to get fed up with home cooked food and most of us have to go out once in a while to freshen up our taste buds.

However, the problem mostly arises when you do not know where to go and which place will get all your money worth it. We all know that situation when you cannot agree on one place to go or have no idea which restaurant will be the most suitable.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to a restaurant. Some people prefer having a nice, cosy ambiance, some want really good food and some look for places that are affordable and not too heavy on their pockets.

Hence, we have found some restaurants in Hull which can be your top choices to try out for your next meal out.

Restaurants in Hull

1. Ambient

Ambient is located in that area of Hull which will soon be a fruit market. Therefore, it has a geographical advantage in the coming years because a lot of people will come to this part of the town in order to get their fruit supplies. The best thing about Ambient is that they have restructured an industrial warehouse into an atmosphere of a restaurant. The atmosphere and architecture is such that you will feel transported into the heart of Spain.

This is the latest branch of Ambient that was opened back in 2016. As mentioned before, this has touches of an outdoor setting, some shades of the old industrial warehouse as well as a bar area, banquets and a separate formal dining area. The speciality of this restaurant is mainly their Tapas and barbeque as it is reported that their grills work up to a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius.

If you’re looking to have some fresh, tender, off the grill barbeque, with a relaxing environment, head up to Ambient straightaway.

2. Humber Fish Co.

If you are looking for a seafood option in Hull, Humber Fish Co is one of the best seafood restaurants in town. Their specialities are fish cakes, salmon, lobsters and oysters. The interior architecture of the restaurant is stylish and modern.

The restaurant’s wooden interior goes with the theme of the sea, with boats hanging from the ceiling. The table tops are made of marble and the seating covers are made of leather. They also have a private courtyard named ‘Fisherman’s Cove’ where you can have al Fresco. Hence, the Humber Fish Co is a great place to enjoy the history of Hull

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3. Tapasya @ Marina

There are some days when you are craving for some spicy, traditional tastes. On these days, you can go to Tapasya Marina to enjoy spicy Indian cuisine as well as a variety of Indian street food. They are unique in their own way because they use local ingredients in their dishes which are made from traditional cooking techniques and methods.

Their unique fusions of British ingredients and unusual cooking techniques mix to bring you a very well balanced and colourful dish. Tapasya also promises to be the only Indian restaurant in Hull that gives you the proper fine dining experience.

4. Butler Whites

Butler Whites is a restaurant where you can have a casual meal alone or with one of your friends and have a fine dining experience at night as well. The restaurant promises to give you the proper bistro-style dining experience. A unique thing about this place is that they keep altering their menus as they experiment with different items in different dishes. Therefore, you can always find something new to try when you come.

They have a range of specialities, starting with Asian seafood to the classic and evergreen menu which includes pork belly, fillet steaks or Italian baked doughs.

5. Shoot the Bull

Shoot the Bull is owned and operated by the very well known chef, Chris Harrison. Under his management, the restaurant has got multiple awards in the “best street food” category. This place is good for those who like a proper dining experience but also want the street food taste.

Their specialities are mostly items that are found in street stalls, which include Yorkshire Frankfurter hotdogs with the topping you want. Other dishes include poutine fries, Rare Breed Beef Burger and Beef Dripping Fries.

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6. Solita

Another restaurant which is run by Shoot the Bulls’s management is Solita. The restaurant was not as famous as it is currently and most of this credit goes to the new management that has taken over and transformed the place’s fortune.

They are famous for their juicy burgers on the menu for which they have been awarded “UK’s Best Burgers”. They use high quality Wague beef which is the main reason behind why the burgers are so delicious. Not only this but they have a huge variety of starters and you must try out the desserts as well in order to complete your experience.

7. Gusto da Gianni

If you feel the need to have a lavish Italian dining experience, the first and foremost option that must come to mind is Gusto da Gianni. They have been awarded the “Best Restaurant in Hull and East Yorkshire” for two years in a row (2018 and 2019). Therefore, you can imagine that they are doing things right and customers are quite satisfied.

They are known for using the finest, high quality ingredients, imported from Italy, to give the proper essence and taste of the Italian cuisine. Bad service can be a huge turn off, however, in their case, they are known for their spectacular service and hospitality.

There are a lot more amazing restaurants in Hull, however, these are the few ones that are the best in their own category. Next time you want to go out for dinner or lunch, you won’t be confused or have a hard time picking a choice because this list will be there to help you out.



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